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Sheepshead Bay-Area Apartment Rental Roundup

(Source: Oxford Property Group)

Looking for a new place to call home? Sheepshead Bites has got you covered. Our rental roundup showcases some of the deals on the market now. If you know of a great place available for rent or are a broker representing a property you want included, contact nberke [at] sheepsheadbites [dot] com

Studio in Midwood
Price: $1,000
Location: Kings Highway
Description: How can a studio be “tucked away on a quiet tree lined street” but also have “public transit right outside your building”? Well, that’s the magic of a realtor. But the magic show doesn’t end there. Prospect Park is only “minutes away,” the realtor writes and then goes into a detailed description of the different birds, and bats, in the park. Powerful magic.
Contact: Lisa Diamond, Oxford Property Group, (718) 600-9433

Three Bedrooms in Private Home
Price: $1,600
Location: Gilmore Court
Description: While this apartment promises “huge” bedrooms, something we all hope for, they’re also “clean,” a truly lucky thing to have. Located on a very small block, Gilmore court is near Emmons Avenue. The realtor points out that the avenue is “famous” and you will have all the benefits of living near such fame, like shirtless old men meandering around in the summer.
Contact: Gulnora Nazarova, Continent Realty, (347) 210-2272

Three Bedrooms and “Closets Galore” in Manhattan Beach
Price: $2,900
Location: Amherst Street and Hampton Avenue
Description: Even with all my seasoned years (translation: months) I can’t figure out the jargon this realtor uses. So I will just present them to you here for your better judgement. There’s a modern EIK (possible translation: some kind of animal related to the elk? [Editor’s note: It’s an eat-in kitchen. What’s wrong with you, Eric?]). And there’s also a C/A (possible translation: the opposite of an A/C [Editor’s note: Okay, you got me.]).
Contact: Llarson, Cornerstone Real Estate, (718) 701-8470

Two Bedrooms in Gravesend
Price: $1,900
Location: Ocean Parkway and Avenue P
Description: At first glance, this apartment seems pretty standard, even on the nice side. There are new hardwood floors, a nice kitchen and large bedrooms but there are no windows in any of the pictures nor does the realtor mention them.
Contact: Sophia Kapassakis, Ardor New York Real Estate, (646) 266-7598

If you know of a great place available for rent or are a broker representing a property you want included, contact nberke [at] sheepsheadbites [dot] com.

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  1. Yep these rents are crazy–I have a friend looking for 3 rms in the 1,300 range (outskirts of Sheepshead Bay) No pets or kids should be worth a lower price-lol

  2. I can’t do it. 2k a month for an apartment in Sheepshead Bay. And it looks like a perfectly nice apt., but not for that much money. It’s so wrong…..

  3. People like nursie, who bought her plush condo 15 or 20 years ago and has 15 or 10 years left on her mortgage is paying probably 1600 a month for that type of property. However, if someone were to rent or buy that property today, they would be paying 2500 a month or more. So, please spare us your sob stories nursie. I am sure that the other 70 percent of NYC has more millions of qualified people, who would want to have your job. If a white woman gets a job over a white man, how does that make the 70% of minorities in NYC better off.

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