Park Slope

Share Your Favorite Sledding Spots & Other Blizzard Tips


Over at Ditmas Park Corner, residents are swapping favorite sledding spots in Prospect Park, which is a topic I’m sure we can weigh in on. Add your choice locations to the bunch by going to¬†the map page, clicking the placemarker button (with the blue bubble at the top right inside the map), positioning that in the place that you want it to be, and adding a description that can help people get there.

And while we’re swapping blizzard tips: any suggestions for entertainment? A new series to sink into? (I know, I know, Homeland) A classic movie that happens to be streaming? The greatest card game in the history of card games? For instance, did you know that the Criterion Collection is available on Hulu? It’s true! Your turn. Help a neighbor out.

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