Share Your Favorite Prospect Park Sledding Spots


As per sssnole’s request, here’s a map of the best places to sled in Prospect Park. You can add your own favorite locations to the map by going to the map page, clicking the placemarker button (with the blue bubble at the top right inside the map), positioning that in the place that you want it to be, and adding a description that can help people get there.

As for where to buy a sled, we haven’t been able to find anyplace in the neighborhood that has them! We thought Almac or Bobby’s might, but no luck. Anyone know where to find a sled nearby?

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  1. The stairs on the other side of the hill near the monument… it’s more for adults (i.e., dangerous but awesome) The stairs have to be fully covered and you have to be careful not to go careening off the side, it’s an unpleasant drop.

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