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Sex Toy Or Firearm? Russian Mobster Trial Underway

This isn’t Gershman, it is one of the other nine mobsters arrested nearly two weeks ago. Photo by Raisa Chernina.
This isn’t Gershman, it is one of the other nine mobsters arrested nearly two weeks ago. Photo by Raisa Chernina.

Prosecutors tried to keep noted Russian mobster, Lenny Gershman, 33, from being released on bail on Friday by arguing that he is violent and has code words for his weaponry.

Gershman was heard in a wire-tapped conversation to his girlfriend talking about a gun he had hidden in his apartment, according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Matthew Jacobs. Instead of saying “gun,” he said “toy.”

Gershman and his lawyer, Michael Fineman, rebutted that claim by saying he was talking about a sex toy.

However, Gershman used the same terminology when talking to a mafia colleague of his. A gambler was caught cheating at one of his high-stakes poker games that were held on Coney Island Avenue. Gershman said he needed a “toy by Sunday” to deal with him.

Either the mob is nothing at all like it is depicted in Holywood movies, or he was lying about “toy” meaning a sex object.

The Daily News notes that “toy” is common street slang for gun.

“It’s embarrassing, but the toy he is referring to was one of an intimate nature, not a weapon,” said Fineman in court after Gershman whispered in his ear.

“Is that the same toy as the one he ‘needed by Sunday ASAP?’ ” the judge asked.

Gershman is one of the nine mobsters from the Eastern European gang, Thieves in Law, that were arrested just over a week ago. He is charged with many crimes, including extortion, loansharking, illegal gambling and drug trafficking.

According to Jacobs, Gershman is the liaison between the gang based in Coney Island and Brighton Beach, and the Thieves in Law in Europe.

The DEA found no guns when they searched his apartment, but they did find an extensive collection of knives and swords.

Gershman, who has two guns tattooed on his chest, told authorities that he makes around $600 a month selling sunglasses and sneakers.

Likely story.

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  1. I think that they should start deporting all these Russian mobsters back to to their mother fucking country. One of the world’s most hated countries along with Red China, North Korea & Iran. What has Russia ever done to help our world? For last hundred years of Communism, anti-Semitism, killing millions of Ukrainians, supporting Arab dictators, what a fucked up country.

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