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Several Car Break-Ins Along Shore Parkway


Reader Michael S. wrote in to tell us about a number of car break-ins that occurred overnight, around Shore Parkway and Bedford Avenue. The scene sounds similar to that of April 2010, when dozens of cars were broken into in one night by a team of thieves. Here’s what Michael writes:

My car and a few other cars in the area got broken into overnight i was parked on Bedford and shore parkway the broke the rear passenger window and thats how they got into the trunk. The took everything xbox360, macbook pro, dslr camera, remote control gas car.. Hit the jackpot. Another car on the street was broken into as well. At the glass shop now and there a few people that had there cars broken into overnight seems to be a trend all cars with tints.

Not to rub salt into your wounds, Michael, but why on earth would you keep an Xbox 360, Macbook Pro, DSLR and other high-value stuff in your car? We write all the time about how even pennies in your cup holder or GPS suction cup rings on your windshield can be enough of a justification for a thief to break your window. It’s not a joke; we hear these incidents from the police all the time.

Please, readers, the 61st Precinct’s Midnight Conditions Unit may be doing a good job reducing incidents like this, but they can’t eliminate it. Don’t leave anything of value in your car. Especially when you’re parking on a dark street like Shore Parkway.

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  1. My car was broken into Friday into Saturday night. They were very disappointed as I had nothing in it, and even ran out of quarters. The thieves were nice enough to leave a bright pink lighter in the back seat. 

  2. My car was broken into Friday into Saturday night. They were very disappointed as I had nothing in it, and even ran out of quarters. The thieves were nice enough to leave a bright pink lighter in the back seat. 

  3. Sounds like I got a garage just in time. I  used park my car around Bedford and Shore all the time, and I have some pretty dark tints (if I do say so myself).

    Not that I haven’t had my bike stolen right out of the garage as well, but I still feel safer than keeping the car on the street.

    I’m sorry to all those who had thier stuff stolen. I know that there’s a guy with a nice looking completly tinted out E63 AMG that parks on that block as well.

  4. why doesn’t he take all the money out of his savings account and puts it in the car as well….. sounds to me like he is trying to make an insurance claim for all those items,.. nobody is that stupid to leave so many high value items in the car….

  5. This has been going on for years in that spot. I think i mentioned this last time but here it goes again. It is targeted by thieves because of the easy getaway Belt, Bedford, Ocean, Nostrand you can go in any direction. Does insurance cover all those items that were left in the car? maybe someone knew he had all that shit in there.  

  6. I see it all the time and I dont get it. Lease a 100k car and leave it in the streets. No driveway no garage no money left to rent out a spot somewhere.

  7. Nice! not only you did not have anything stolen but you also profited!! pink lighter!!! awesome!~! 

  8. Nice! not only you did not have anything stolen but you also profited!! pink lighter!!! awesome!~! 

  9. Or, he never had those items in his car to begin with, and just says it for the insurance claim……

    But Really WHY all the expensive things?   Macbook pro costs like 1-2k dslr costs about 500-1k, xbox costs about $400,   If you would have said a Stereo, or GPS unit that’s believable.   All that shit is fucking Lies.   and if he gets money for all that shit he named, he deserves to get locked up for lying to the feds!

  10. 36 years ago some kids stole my 12 year old car for a joy ride that I found parked in the neighborhood 30 days later after my friend spotted it. They broke the ignition that I had to get fixed, but they repaired my sun visor which kept falling down by itself and they bought a valet for their trash to keep the car clean which they left for me that I used for years until I sold the car.

  11. You can thank some of the businesses in the area that this keeps happening. The thieves walk in and out of the stores trying to sell the stuff and some do buy it. Where do they think its coming from? They know its stolen, they just want a good deal.

  12. Was there a subzero fridge and a fur coat in the car as well?   As an insurance professional, i smell fraud….

  13. no insurance money man they dont cover the camera xbox or laptop only the window… i guess i must be pretty stupid then to leave all those things in the car. everything was in my trunk the macbook was my work laptop that i carry around, xbox360 i was planning on selling to a buddy thats why it was in the trunk its bad anyone i found out it has the 3 rings of death lol. what im most upset about is my dslr camera and lens and all the pictures on it i had just got back from a weekend in poconos thats why it was in the car didn’t get a chance to transfer them yet .. its just wackk thats all. and they got my sunglasses stole my cigarettes

  14. They used a slim jim. My neighbors car was also brOken into with a slim Jim and they left a navigation and some other stuff. Both cars parked in the driveway.

  15. lol insurance doesn’t cover any of my crap in the car i guess the guys that stole it got really lucky with my car… they only cover my window and the dead window motor because of all the rain  … i filed a police report and got it fixed cost me $300  at the shop a bunch of cars where lined up from the same neighborhood all of them had tints 

  16. what can i do it is what it is there’s a lot worse things in life.. i actually dont think any insurance would cover that i called geico they basically told me there’s nothing they can do about the laptop, camera but reimburse me for the window. the laptop w/e its a work laptop its the camera which im most upset about. I had a lot of pictures on it and i had just got back from a weekend trip the day before i didn’t get a chance to take it out of my car :/

  17. Pussy max and his crackhead friends are at it again, its this roxi problem we have in sheepshead bay, even comp stats show, violent crimes went down, robberies went up, why? because they are too messed up and burnt to fight, but they dont mind pullin out a knife to make 10 bucks toward their next fix.

  18. lmaooo as soon as i saw the title i thought pusssy max is at it again and than i saw this comment !!! lmaooooo! it prolly is pussy max but he usually just checks to see if the doors are unlocked hes to pussy to break any windows. this kid pussy max robbed so many cars its nuts!

  19. Umm, Why would you leave all that shit in your car????

    Please do explain this to us……     and why in that order?

  20. People get greedy when they see an opportunity to make some quick KA$H…. Remember, insurance is designed to make you “whole”, not make you richer…

  21. lolllll yeah pussy max never learns his lesson…maybe he will afte he gets out rykers in 2012 ;p

  22.  Forget “pussy max” if you would really like to know who breaks into your car, just head over to the grocery on Sheepshead Bay Road(the one across the street from Delmars pizzeria). I’m sure the majority of the hoodlums standing there between the hours of 10pm and 1am are all suspects in car burglary. For god sakes you can hear them talking to each other about it like the morons that they are.

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