Park Slope

Sesame Street To Film In The Neighborhood


Word On The Street Filming
Look out for Muppets along 5th Avenue, as it appears Park Slope will be featured on a segment of the popular PBS children’s television program Sesame Street.

Neighbor Christine spotted signs along 5th Avenue from 2nd to 5th Streets announcing something called WOTS will be shooting on Tuesday, May 13 from 6am to 9pm. A post on MyUpperWest from last year suggests that stands for Word on the Street, a bit on the show where Murray the monster introduces kids to a new vocabulary word, talking to people on the street about its meaning.

Whether you think there are too many things filming in the neighborhood or not, it might be hard to begrudge a Muppet. However, you will need to move your cars from those blocks by 6pm tonight — and if you find your car has been relocated (don’t worry, Fozzie is not in charge of towing), contact B. Reichel at 347-512-8059.

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