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Sergey Mamontov, Nostrand Murderer, Threw Victim’s Fingers Into Sheepshead Bay’s Waters

Officers prepare to transfer Mamontov from the 61st Precinct to Central Booking.

Mom always told me not to get too close to the swans in Sheepshead Bay. She said they look pretty, but they can take your fingers off if you get too close. Well, mom, if they like fingers, they got a free meal some time last week.

Sergey Mamontov, the 50-year-old Nostrand Avenue resident suspected of killing his roommate, has confessed to detectives, telling him that he not only killed the man on March 25 for being too noisy, but chopped him up, attempted to dissolve the remains in bleach, and tossed his fingers into the waters of Sheepshead Bay.

“He was very matter of fact,” a police source told the Daily News. “He didn’t want to say anything at first, but once he started talking, he wouldn’t shut up. He said he decided there was no other way to take care of (the victim).”

The victim has been identified as Aleksandr Zilbergleyt.

Mamontov was transferred from the 61st Precinct to Central Booking last night.

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  1. I don’t remember ever saying they would take your fingers off!  Although I did caution you that they could bite.   Mom

  2. They have do really sharp teeth. And worse, they don’t know their own strength. I saw someone once ruin a good glove when they were petting a swan, and the swan reciprocated with a love bite.

  3. Well, you probably said it in such an effective way that he remembered it as being a much stronger warning.

    The woman in this photo did not take my advice. She almost got bit.

  4. The swans are so pretty that you would never, ever think that they can be very mean.  My family was on vacation one winter,  and a swan took an intense dislike to one of them.  Everytime he’d walk out the door of the hotel, the swan would charge him.  Pretty funny!

  5. I know I am such a killjoy, but… a man was murdered in a really horrifying way. I’m not sure why jokes are appropriate, but I am obviously of the minority here. The more comments of a jocular nature that are added to this post, about a disturbing crime that occurred in our neighborhood, the more I felt I needed to add my own two cents.

  6. They are pretty brave. This one stood in a crowd of people and let me get very close to take this photograph. (and some others) But they do go for anything that is thrust in front of them.

  7. I think it’s that we joke about the things that make us nervous in order to break the tension. What was horrifying about this unfortunate incident wasn’t so much the murder as it’s aftermath, especially so soon after the Leiby Kletsky tragedy.  But, then, this one could have turned out a lot worse, as it made me flash on the classic short story by Lord Dunsany, “The Two Bottles of Relish.”  As Bob Grant used to say, “It’s sick out there, and it’s getting sicker.”

  8. Maksim Gelman, now this guy. Gotta luv these Russians, they fight the mosque like its going out of style but you ain’t gonna hear a peep about there little internal “Dahmer” problem. Can’t believe the whole neighborhood is crawling with ruskies, true scum of the earth — godless demons and phony jews. This should be front page news.

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