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Senior Allegedly Throws Himself From Window


The New York Post has reported that an 83-year-old man is in critical condition after he “apparently jumped out of a window.”

While the exact cause is unknown, the senior allegedly defenestrated himself a few minutes after midnight, April 23, from one of the windows of 2565 Haring Street (reported in The Post as “Hering Street in Sheepshead Bay” [Update: Neighbors are now telling us that, contrary to the Post’s report, the address was actually 2465]), down the block from the P.S. K811 Connie Lekas School at 2525 Haring Street, and directly across the street from the Avenue Z parking lot attached to the Nostrand Avenue strip mall.

FDNY officials say that the octogenarian went into cardiac arrest after allegedly jumping and was taken to Coney Island Hospital. No further information was available at press time.

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  1. When people make comments like that, they couldn’t possibly conceive that somebody would have the audacity to do the same if it was them or their family member. They should never know tragedy in their exalted existence, that some lame pinhead would crack wise about their loved one. I wish I could go on a crusade against all the anonymous commenters of the world who think this sort of thing is OK. ::annoyed::

  2. The correct address was 2465 Haring Street. He jumped from his 5th floor window and landed in the grass.

  3. I’m sorry. Lighten up, ma’am. There’s about a zillion tragedies every day. Most of life is a tragedy. A funny comment is just that: a funny comment. One need not read disrespect into it. This is just a posting board, nothing else. The person had a light comment to make on a board. Nothing else.

    A week after my dad suddenly died, someone said right to my face that they saw a walrus in the NY Aquarium that looked just like him. You can go on your crusades. I cracked up. It was a necessary laugh between a heckuva a lot of crying. I could have scored “Woe is victim me” points on the person had I chosen to , proving how sensitive I am. But instead I laughed heartily.

    I for one am tired of people who try to prove how caring they are by ‘crusading’ against any kind of comment they find the slightest bit offensive to anyone in the world. I’m not impressed.

  4. So because someone made a comment you considered unkind to you it’s OK for other people to be harsh? Well then If I said “shut the fuck up” it would have been just a light comment also.
    Your crusade is not impressive either.

  5. @ Eminem, I wasn’t trying to impress you, and now that I deem you to be kind of douchy, I feel even less compelled to try and impress you. Someone who knew you and knew your dad and felt comfortable making that statement did so. I am talking about insensitive bumwads who think it’s cool to anonymously post insensitive wisecracks about people who they don’t know, who have endured a tragedy. Try telling the daughter/son or the wife (if he has either, I do not know) of the 83-year-old man who allegedly flung himself out a window: “[He probably] [s]aw something from the strip club and wanted to get there as soon as possible…” Oh yeah, that’s real classy. And then, when they don’t get the joke, you could tell them: “I’m sorry. Lighten up, ma’am.” Because that will make it all better.

  6. Hey, you’re both hurting the feelings of the poor guy who made the original joke, stop doing that!

  7. First, i hope the son/daughters aren’t running around the internet reading posts about the tragedy. Second, as a matter of fact, the person who made the comment to me wasn’t such a close associate – I imagine most people in this country by now would instantly play the “I’m so offended and hurt” card. Third, I’ve never been called douchy, does that mean incredibly handsome? And are you single and a female?

  8. I applaud the webmaster for not censoring this post, however inappropriate people feel about it. I actually do feel the joke is inappropriate. I took the devil’s advocate stance below because I’m very fearful that such people who shout out accusations of “inappropriate” or “offensive” or “racist” have the alterior motive of eventually wanting to censor boards of all opinions that aren’t their own. I’ve seen it happen on other boards, and again, I thank you for not censoring the above post.

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