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There were 38 trays of hot food on Friday, plus over 200 cupcakes. On Saturday, there were eight trays of eggs with cheese and bacon. Another hot breakfast was served on Sunday. On Monday, a big enchilada dinner (pictured above) was served to the large Spanish-speaking population at the Principe de Paz church in Far Rockaway.

For over a week, neighbors Maureen Flaherty and Carol Wei have been providing hot meals and sandwiches to locations in the Rockaways and once to Coney Island. By coordinating with 596acres.org and generous Ditmas Park residents, Carol and Maureen have committed to provide hot meals to Principe de Paz on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays until they’re not needed anymore.

“Today I’m volunteering with Team Stroller Patrol,” wrote jesusisjuba, “a group of mums that are super rad and cooking for Principe de Paz in Far Rockaway every day. No power, no heat, no gas, no water in the vicinity. All homemade using donations down to the tomatillo salsa.”

“Over the past week,” writes Maureen, “we’ve delivered over 75 trays of hot meals (we keep forgetting to count), hundreds of cupcakes and baked goods, 300+ sack lunches, cases of dental hygiene kits, and whatever blankets and supplies we could fit in with food.”

As long as the pair can maintain community support, they plan to continue their work until residents in affected areas say that they have all the necessary services required to be self-sufficient.

Carol and Maureen just sent word of what they need now. Remember, their next trip is tomorrow.

• Cash. You can donate on PayPal to carolwei1978@gmail.com.
• Costco runners to spend the donations.
• Volunteers to help us cook.
• Hot dishes dropped off ready for delivery.
• Veggies, meats, milk, butter and cheese to round out starches.

If you’re interested in helping out in any way, email carolwei1978@gmail.com.

Photo: Julie Barnard

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  1. This is wonderful! I wanted to make hot meals but it was getting too complicated to figure out on my own… I will be in touch.

    I’m coordinating with a couple friends to send out a bunch of baked goods this coming Sunday morning, to the Rockaway Rescue Alliance. They’re a group that delivers hot soup and salad to about 600 homebound people each day in Rockaway. If anyone would like to bake and contribute something, please email me: guerrilla (dot) zen (at) gmail (dot) com. We’re driving out the baked goods this Sunday morning, help us fill up our car.

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