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Senator Storobin Proposes Bill To Repeal Gay Marriage


David StorobinJust about two weeks after taking office, newbie Senator David Storobin proposed bill SB 7712, which would repeal same-sex marriage in New York.

“The government has thrust upon the people of this state a definition of marriage that violates their religious and personal moral beliefs,” Storobin writes in a memo attached to the bill, according to the Wall Street Journal.

During his controversial campaign against Councilman Lew Fidler, Storobin spoke out against Fidler for supporting gay marriage. Now, with redistricting set to eliminate his district, Storobin will be running in the so-called “Super Jewish” district, where his latest bill would likely play well – if his opponent, Democrat Simcha Felder, did not also oppose it.

Regardless, the bill is unlikely to pass as Storobin is the only sponsor and there isn’t a companion bill in the Assembly.

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  1. Aww sheeesh.  the Government has thrust nothing upon us.  Loving and committed Same Sex couples getting married is not offensive but using this issue of personal choice for political gain IS offensive!

  2. Once again I find myself as a Jew advising my fellow Jews who dislike gay marriage that if they don’t like it, they are free to leave. They have some nice kibbutzes in Israel that are as fundamentally radicalized as you. Maybe you guys can get together with Hamas and find common ground over hatred of others. Maybe blow all yourselves up together while you’re at it.

    Or failing that, move to Mississippi. The Klan would be glad to have you…well, maybe not. West Virginia is probably just as anti-gay but not as anti-semitic. They’re also pro same-family marriage, so you’d have to wrestle with that conundrum. Either way, a mixed bag.

    I’d ogle 40 attractive religious women today just to aggravate these extremists. Better yet, I should ogle 40 of the MEN…but too many of them would probably respond in kind.

    (I used to work at a movie theater who showed gay-themed movies…let me tell you…religious Jewish men do not do CLOSET well…worse than some Idaho senators I could think of…)

  3. who voted him in?  from what I hear it was 27 people who ‘thrust’ this self serving bigot on the rest of us. 

  4. What a sick, twisted man. He actually needed to make a public display of his homophobia, because that is all it is.

    But perhaps he earned a badge in his wing nut troop.

  5. In wonder if this super Jew is even circumsized, It’s so amazing that the oppresed have now become the oppressers.Why do these foreign born haters come into our county to spread their hate?

  6. I hope everyone who comments here takes the time to go to his website and write him a letter telling him how you feel about his proposal.  (just google Senator David Storobin).
    I did, and I feel better for it.  

  7. More Republican stupidity. Storobin can kiss up to whomever his misguided constituency is, but it won’t change the fact that he won his “election” suspiciously and, hopefully, will be voted out of office in November.

    He has no experience in government and represents the self serving. He is the latest poster boy for what is now pervading our society. A judgmental collective who, with their narrow mindedness, have come to infringe on people’s rights because their lifestyle or interests do not fit some predescribed guideline.

  8. can’t he propose something else that’s good for his district until the end? i really hate folks like him using his power to do things not relevant to us. 

  9. “The government has thrust upon the people of this state a definition of
    marriage that violates their religious and personal moral beliefs”

    Nobody is thrusting anything into you…

  10. IMO, I believe that he should have not been put into office.  Yes, put into office.
    I don’t believe he really won.  We should have had a special election, since the
    votes were so close.  He should go back where he came from.  We don’t want him or
    need him representing this district.
    It would be nice if he read this blog and saw how much the people really feel about him.
    He is a first class moron and I hope they do redistrict this area and that he loses his
    seat.  Better no one, than an immigrant who comes here and somehow gets into office.

    Wonder what he promised his  RUSKY cronies in order to get them to vote for him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I just want to make it clear…. for everyone who is confused in that department, that This man…. David Storobin does not enjoy seein women making out and touching them selves……..

    Sooooo does that make him secretly gay? or Secretly a woman?

  12. However if he does Enjoy watching this particular genre why is it NOT Ok for others to enjoy doing what they are doing?

    which leads me to my next theory…. People hate Jews, Jews hate gays, and god…. God hates Everyone for making him look like a Dick.

    That is all.

  13. Civil Unions are good enough for same sex couples. 

    Now the current perversion of same sex marriage is not allowed in most Religions, unless your a Satanist.

    Since this issue is being milked all around for political gain, this is why most Religions have requested immunity from lawsuits, because there are those who do try to game the legal system for financial gain; instead of upholding there lifestyle principles.

    Good thing laws are in the books, that don’t force anyone of a particular Religion to do something that is against there Religion; and that includes same sex marriage. 

    Marriage is between a man and a women.

    Again, Civil Unions are good enough for same sex couples.

  14. I believe that many people hate Jews, But mostly religious Jews hate gays.  If their own children are gay what do they do? Shock treatment, shunning  or sending  them to an asylum?

  15. A real problem in our community! All these Gay people we run into on Emmons, Ocean Avenue south, Sheepshead Bay Road, and Neck! Awful role models for our children, and polluting our wonderful slice of Brooklyn?! Right, I am one of you! Vote me in, and I will address the most significant problem in our community, letting them marry, and it will be the first legislation on my agenda! I know my fellow residents of Sheepshead Bay, and its’ environs, this is the most significant problem that our community is facing and the main issue on your minds?! G-d help us all, if this Storobin, is the best we can do!

  16. Civil unions are good for everyone then , then they should be good for you . Who are you to tell other people what’s good for them. No one is being forced to do anything, If all the gay people left, churchs would not exsist. Thank the universe we do not live in a theocracy! Perversion ,You are a perversion, a bigot,& I hope you have gay children, to open your eyes. 8 states have Gay marriage, over a dozen counties, With the Uk & France & Denmark & Nepal this year.Who else do you hate?

  17. Civil unions do not give a couple the same legal right, protections, and advantages as. Married couple. By the way, I am Christian and my sect is fine with same sex marriage and has been for decades. I am Quaker.

  18. This is why I didn’t vote in the March election. Does anybody know what else he plans to do? How he is going to try to “help” the community? I asked a few of his volunteers why I should vote for him and they said because he’s a “Russian Jew, a representative of our community”. Guess I didn’t know how close-minded our community is. Ridiculous man.

    Our economy is sinking but we shouldn’t do something about that. Instead let’s prevent two people who love each other who just happen to be of the same sex from getting married because if they do, the apocalypse is going to happen. Stupid. 

  19. It infuriates me when Jews show bigotry and hate to other minorities. Has Storobin forgotten that Jews and Christians were forbidden to marry under the Nazis? Has he forgotten that Jews and gays were incinerated in the same ovens? People like Storobin make me sick and I am furious with the people in my district who stupidly voted him in.

  20. why don’t you leave you would fit in great with the early Nazi Party. (they liked gay then and like you hated JEWS)

  21. no one cares about your opinion of gay rights when your a bigot against RUSSIAN JEWS.

    if Storobin’s a bigot because he’s against gay marriage then your a much bigger bigot because your against Russian Jews.

  22. 1. Jews not marrying non Jews is great.  Intermarriage is one of the biggest threat to Jews today.
    2. gays were never sent to death camps for being gay.  gays (this was almost always used for political reasons) were only sent to concentration camps.
    3. gays treated Jews terribly in the camp.
    4. many SS officers were gay.

  23. Oh please! You ass David Storobin! Marriage is a union of love. If 2 people are in love and want to get married they should be able to.

  24. Awful role models for your children….  Television is the WORST Fucking thing out for children,  Kids today learn about games like GTA in 4th grade… 

    You want your kid to Slap a hoe ? Beat a hoe for trying to steal his pencil?

    and it’s impossible to have your kid going to school, thats where they meet other kids who tell them about sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll…..

  25. This jackass won with 27 cult votes and is clearly in the pockets of the corrupt rabbis and Russo-trash power brokers who have already bought and paid for his loyalty.  But, while playing the anti-gay card may endear him to the cult leaders in the so-called “Super Jewish” district, his bill has no chance of passing, let alone being signed by the Governor, and any attempt to put the K-Y back into the tube on same-sex marriage will likely be blocked by the courts.

    Why?  Well, I’m no Constitutional scholar, and I could be wrong on this, but, whether or not same-sex marriage was originally a Constitutional entitlement, and courts have been divided on this question, now that it is New York state law, the status quo created by the legislation, and the thousands of marriage contracts created thereunder, would likely fall under the equal protection clause such that, absent any compelling public interest, the rights already granted should not be nullified, let alone nullified retroactively.  It would be like repealing the Federal Civil Rights Act of 1964 or our own state’s Human Rights laws.  It just won’t happen, and most certainly not at the urging of an empty suit political hack and his claque of magically thinking puppet masters.  Like it or not, same-sex marriage in New York State is a fait accompli.  Get used to it.

    If Mr. Storobin wants to protect the “religious and personal moral beliefs” of his homophobic constituents, he could support the already protected rights of religious institutions to not recognize, solemnize, or otherwise participate in same-sex marriage rituals, and even the somewhat questionable rights of faith-based organizations to limit their dealings with same-sex marriages when such dealings would conflict with their own religious freedoms.  There is nothing in New York’s carefully drafted same-sex marriage law that in any way infringes on anyone’s Constitutionally protected religious rights.  Whether or not same-sex marriage offends individual sensibilities should not, in this enlightened day and age, be the concern of public policy.

    Clearly, Storobin is grandstanding here, and the fact that we’re even having this discussion gives his hopefully short tenure in government more visibility and legitimacy than it deserves.  But, if we’ve learned anything from this interloper’s election, it’s that every vote does, indeed, count, and those of us who sat out this lackluster election did, indeed, get what we deserved.  

  26. Intermarriage can not be contolled, people all kinds of people fall in love, If gays & Jews were in differant camps how couild the gay prisoners treat the Jews? Many more SS  officers were straight & raped women  & shot babies. And if think that gays weren’t killed ,you are  very uninformed.

  27. Storobin – you stole the damned election.  You are not wanted in my neighborhood.  Get the hell out of here and go back to wherever it is you came from.

  28. really? and the evidence of that is what???the thousands of gay men sent to concetration camps who had to wear pink triangles on their arms???

  29.  your Holocaust knowledge is akin to Charles Barron’s.

    jews were sent to both death camps (the ones with the gas chambers) and regular concentration camps (gays were only sent to regular concentration camps)

  30. What bullshit, Charles Barron is anti semite, I’m a non religious Jew, who are you to throw accusations like that. I know that Jews were sent to both type of camps, I also know that Gays were also killed.,

  31. Funny that you are here Ernst,You were killed on June 30, 1934, The night of the long knives.

  32. if you didnt support Storobin AND you also didnt vote then you helped to elect him anyway since he “won” (or so I am told) by only 27 votes

  33. if you are that opposed to same sex marriage dont marry someone who is the same sex as you are… problem solved,, period.  or do you think ‘pursuit of happiness’ as laid out in our Constitution was only intended for people like you?

  34. I wish people would STOP saying that ‘Jews hate gays’  most of us dont hate gay people…  ultra orthodox jews do but they dislike most people and distrust most people and prefer to live in enclaves of like minded Jews… which is fine UNTIL they move to impose their will on everyone else.

  35. Unfortunately, you get what you vote for.  The people in his district voted him in, and now they — and we — get to suffer the consequences.  Next time anyone says voting doesn’t matter, point to this election.

  36. I assume you MEANT to say ‘ultra orthodox”  not ‘religious’  …  there IS a difference

  37. It’s funny how some Jews call other Jews Nazis, such bull, if the Nazis won, none of us would be here. Who is to say someone is not Jewish enough, or Catholuc enough,  Or any other religion enough ? . The main problem I have with very religious people that to them the bible is God’s word, their rejection of sceince & evolution, & believing that the earth is only 6,000 years old. Why can’t people argue about race ,religion, or sex. talking to a very religious person is like talking to the wall.

  38. Who was there left to vote for? Fidler is not so great either. I would prefer to not vote for anyone than choose the better of two bad eggs.

  39. Thank you Senator Storobin for sticking up for the people in our district!!!  You are one of the few elects that actually keep their campaign promises!!! 

    I will be voting for you in the next election because you are honest and have true values!!!

  40. I am not Storobin.  I wish I was, then I would be a Senator.  But I will settle for the second prize.  Storobin with true TORAH values!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Now that I know “true TORAH values”, if I wasn’t already an Atheist, I would become one…

    Also: number of exclamation points is usually in reverse proportion to the correctness of a preceding statement.

  42. what are those “true Torah values!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” ? 
    Can i slaughter animals in the street as an offering to god? or kill my child, cuz god told me so? 

    oh wait, i’m female. am i even allowed outside of the house?

    or do i smell a troll?

  43. Torah values cover the behavior of those who choose to use it as a guide. It has no relevance for those who choose other moral compasses.

    It also cannot be the basis of civil law in the country.

  44. It’s hard to believe that there are actually people in this day and age that have such extreme views. If it wasn’t for civil law they would be sacrificing animals in the street.

  45. They have no respect for civil laws either. Since when is it legal to set open fires in the city streets. Who else woud be allowed to get away with this? Yet it happens every Passover and the Fire Department looks the other way since they are either afraid to say anything about it other than be careful when you do it, or have been instructed by the mayor to keep quiet about it.

  46. Torah values do not permit sacrifices to God except in Jerusalem and only when the Temple will be rebuilt.  God never told Abraham to kill his son, only to bring his son on the alter… and females may leave the house. 

    You must smell something, perhaps you smell wedding flowers.

  47. […] Fidler and Storobin faced off in early 2012 to replace State Senator Carl Kruger, who had resigned amid corruption charges. Following a heated campaign, Storobin emerged victorious – but served only 11 days in Albany before his district was drawn into extinction during redistricting. In that time, he pushed a number of ultra-conservative pieces of legislation, including a repeal of marriage equality. […]

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