Park Slope

Seen from the Stoop: These Are Our Salad Days


photo via Yelp

Ask and the Slope will provide. Eventually. Just a few months after the dearth of neighborhood salad options sent FiPS to the hospital, they got the good news: Just Salad is set to open in the old Park Slope Eatery space. As the name suggests, they will serve salad. HPS also reports that 7th Ave is getting a new bar — its first in years — leaving us with even fewer things to complain about.

But while we’re getting our long-awaited greens/booze, not everyone’s as lucky: according to the WSJ, Old First Reformed Church desperately needs $700,000 to replace the ceiling. Meanwhile, 826NYC just issued a Facebook call for pencil donations, which sort of makes one feel bad for being so excited about a $9 bowl of argula.

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