Park Slope

Seen from the Stoop: My Neighborhood is Cooler than Your Neighborhood


photo via Brownstoner

BREAKING: Park Slope is no longer the hippest place in the country, according to “Lost” co-creator Damon Lindelof. For those of us who did not spend six of the past eight years stranded on a desert island, this comes as less of a surprise. Not that we’ve lost it entirely: based on the debate currently raging on UrbanBaby, we are still significantly cooler than the UWS. For what that’s worth.

Meanwhile, Patrick Stewart has worked out his cable situation, allowing us mental energy to move onto the next Park Slope crisis: is Mr. Wonton going out of business?! Worse yet, the Post reports today that police response times are now the slowest they’ve been in a decade. The NYPD claims that’s because of the spike in non-critical calls, suggesting that they don’t really understand the urgency of the city’s wonton situation.

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