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See How Park Slope Elementary Schools Rank in the DNAinfo NYC Public School Guide


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DNAinfo has released a comprehensive guide to New York Public schools, including profiles on individual schools, divided by borough and district, as well as data and rankings to help parents choose the right school for their children.

Part of the guide is a citywide elementary school ranking system, based on fourth-graders’ scores on the state’s 2012 English Language Arts test. The exam is one of the most important factors in middle school admissions. According to DNAinfo, some of the most competitive middle school programs require all incoming students to achieve a 3 or 4 on the fourth-grade English test to even be considered for admission. (Students who score a 1 or 2 are not considered passing.)

The interactive guide is available here, divided by district and then ranked within.

So how did we do? Quite well, it turns out. PS 321 comes in second within District 15 and 16th throughout the city, with 92.2% of students passing the exam. PS 107 is not too far behind at number four, with 88.6% passing and ranking 29 in the city; PS 39, with a citywide ranking of 45, shows 84.5% passing.

Over in District 13, PS 282 comes in third within the district and ranked 173 citywide, with 66.7% of its students passing.

Though the data provide a useful and streamlined ranking method, there are obviously other factors in deciding the right school for a student. Leslie Albrecht provides a brief but informative guide to some Park Slope schools here, featuring information on health initiatives and after-school activities. It’s especially useful in the “markedly different school landscape” resulting from rezoning.

Do any of you parents out there have tips for those who are new to the decision and application process? Do you trust the ranking methods?

Photo credit Leslie Albrecht/DNAinfo

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  1. What are they doing at PS 172 and why aren’t more people talking about it?? Very low income, very high test scores!

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