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Sean Casey Animal Rescue’s Pit Bulls Featured In This Fantastic Photo Shoot


Sean Case Animal Rescue Sophia Gamand photo shoot

Photographer Sophie Gamand just released this amazing “Flower Power, Pit Bulls of the Revolution” series that features photos of pit bulls from Sean Casey Animal Rescue and Second Chance, as part of what the photographer described as an effort to “portray this misunderstood group in a different light.”

Prints of these photos are available, and the proceeds will go to both rescue groups. To buy them, check out Sophie’s U.S. store or her international one.

Sean Casey Animal Rescue Sophie Gamand photo shoot

“This project started as an excuse for me to discover more about pit bulls,” Sophie states on her website. “Like many people, I admittedly had prejudices against them. But as an active volunteer with many rescue groups, I often came in contact with pit bulls and was slowly warming up to their sweet nature. I decided to confront my apprehensions and explore their soft side in a visual way.”

Sean Casey Animal Rescue Sophie Gamand shoot

“I realized pit bulls were always portrayed in very urban, gritty photographs,” Sophie goes on to say. “The imagery associated with these dogs is often harsh, very contrasted, conveying the idea of them being tough. In my opinion, this feeds the myth that these dogs are dormant psychopaths. So I decided to take the other route and portray them like hippies, soft fairy-tale-inspired characters, feminine and dreamy. The idea of Flower Power blossomed.”

sean casey animal rescue sophie gamand photo shoot

“An estimated 1,000,000 pit bulls are euthanized each year in America’s shelters,” Sophie says. “Victims of prejudices, uneducated laws and urban tales that associate them with ultra violence, they are probably the most misunderstood dogs. Pit bulls, like any terrier dogs, are strong and powerful animals. There is no denying that. But most pit bulls are peaceful and sweet love bugs. Their power is in their snuggles and unconditional love. For this series, I imagined them like hippies, fighting the system and the image they are given with the power of love and the softness of flowers.”

sean casey animal rescue sophie gamand photo shoot

Sean Casey Animal Rescue is located at 153 East 3rd Street in Windsor Terrace and 551 39th Street in Sunset Park.  Their Windsor Terrace location can be reached by calling (718) 436-5163 and their Sunset Park site by calling (347) 599-1500.

Second Chance Rescue is based in Whitestone, Queens and can be contacted here.

And see more of Sophie’s photos here!

Photos via Sophie Gamand.

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