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Schumer Says Bring Law & Order Back To NYC, We Say Bring It To Sheepshead Bay

Chuck Schumer in the 1960s, competing for James Madison High School on the It's Academic television quiz show.

U.S. Senator Charles Schumer is keeping busy with important national business these days. Just this week, he has demanded an investigation into possible gas price fixing by oil companies, suggested a ban on rental car companies using recalled vehicles, and is pushing the FDA to roll out a notification system to preserve access to life-saving medications. But, perhaps most important of all, the Sheepshead-bred pol is making the case to NBC to bring back the television show Law & Order to New York City. We think he needs to take it one step further – Law & Order: Sheepshead Bay.

According to the Daily News:

NBC canceled the show and replaced it with “Law & Order: Los Angeles” during the past season, but the Los Angeles version didn’t work out so well, even after being retooled midway through its run. So NBC canceled it, too, last month when it issued its fall lineup.

Schumer wrote to NBC programming honcho Bob Greenblatt, asking that he revive the show in New York.

Schumer said that Law & Order would put roughly 4,000 people to work and inject $79 million to the local economy.

That’s all nice and dandy, but we’re thinking our neighborhood alone has enough going on to create a “Law & Order: Sheepshead Bay.”

Wait, just hear me out. According to Schumer, “With ‘Law & Order,’ there are two separate yet equally important ingredients for success: the plot lines, which provide the drama, and New York, which provides the backdrop for hundreds of stories ripped right from the headlines.

And, boy-oh-boy, do we have headlines to rip from…

Imagine an episode about Maksim Gelman, the knife-wielding madman that led police on a 28-hour manhunt after allegedly butchering three people and stabbing or running over several more. Or about the mysterious pin-striped suit-wearing corpse that floated into the bay with weights attached to his wrists and ankles? How about the spate of double murders (or attempted ones) at the Sheepshead-Nostrand Houses? Or jonesing retired police detectives that rob pharmacies for Oxycontin? Maybe a multi-episode story arc about foreign nationals and immigrants that go beserk on their girlfriends’ families and stab the heck out of them?

Really, in Sheepshead Bay, there’s no shortage of compelling murder material. I mean, even America’s Most Wanted has its eyes on us.

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  1. My Alma Mata back in the 60’s  This article is great & getting to the point that’s what’s important. He is trying. 

  2. Ned, I guess you can say with certitude that that really is Chuck Schumer in the center of that picture.

    Did I ever mention that I was approached about three years ago by Law and Order about them filming an episode using my house?  I wasn’t selected because I didn’t have a bedroom on the first floor.  I never found out what they would have paid, but they needed the house for 11 hours.  When the episode finally aired, the house they ended up using was featured for about 30 seconds.  Boy would I have been disappointed. Anywhere somewhere at NBC is a photo of the dirty dishes in my sink.

  3. I have friends elsewhere (even in Canada) who wonder whether I have a submachine gun on my living room table. And whether I was ever “Married To The Mob” (I was, and it’s not to be talked about) Outlanders wonder whether we fishing for corpses in Sheepshead Bay as sport. According to the rest of the world, we are real bad. And it’s been that way for a long time.

  4. Good. Law & Order:LA is fine and all, but it’s not the original. Plus Law & Order was 2 seasons from overtaking Gunsmoke as the longest running drama in television history. Law & Order should certainly come back and L&O:LA moved to USA to pair with Criminal Intent and In Plain Sight (established as being part of the L&O Universe by cross character appearances on SVU). It would also mean the return of hundreds of jobs to New York City.

  5. I think the first comment i made on the Gelman post was this would make a good L&O episode.

  6. I liked the Law and Order they once did on Saturday Night Live.  Law and Order:Parking Violations Bureau.

  7. How does “L&O” always find these murderous Wonderbread nonethnic white people in our diverse metropolis? “L&O” is as realistic a depiction of criminal justice as “Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” is of candy production.

  8. bring back law and order!!!

    what the hell were they thinking taking it off. i hope they dont touch SVU

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