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School Relocation Information Now Available

The flooded auditorium of P.S. 195 in Manhattan Beach (Source:

Hurricane Sandy didn’t just devastate local homes and businesses, it also took its tolls on approximately 200 school buildings. P.S. 195 in Manhattan Beach and Bay Academy Junior High School were both under water. Others are still without power, or are acting as temporary shelters for hurricane victims. And, yet, classes across the city will resume on Monday for the first time since Hurricane Sandy struck.

Many schools, however, aren’t yet coming back online, and classes will be relocated. Students in these schools will not attend class on Monday, November 5, or Tuesday, November 6, but will attend class at their new temporary location on Wednesday, November 7. Teachers and staff should report to their new temporary location on Monday, November 5, at their regular start time.

The Department of Education has put together a website so that you can find the condition of your child’s school and determine if it will be open or closed, and, if relocated, where the host school will be.

One note: We found that P.S. 195 in Manhattan Beach is listed as open and students are expected in class on Monday. As one of the worst hit schools in the area, we find this hard to believe, and are awaiting confirmation from the city. If your child is a student at P.S. 195, please check this space later.

UPDATE (6:30 p.m.): The Education Department confirms that P.S. 195 will be open tomorrow.

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  1. How is it possible that P.S. 195 has reopened? What about the possibility of dysentery from the sewerage that backed up into those flood waters? The auditorium as pictured was sitting in that water. Don’t the children line up there every morning? Then they use these same hands that touched those auditorium chairs to eat their snack and their lunch?

    Using common sense alone, it doesn’t add up that 195 is opening up for Monday. They should have at least waited one more day, stayed closed to students for election day as usual, and reopened to the kids on Wednesday.

    It seems like they are too quick to push things to go back to “normal,” but what is normal when parents have to worry that their kids are being sent back to school prematurely and possibly under unsafe conditons that may not have surfaced yet because the building has been empty for over a week.

  2. My daughter’s school – P.S. 253 at Oceanview Avenue – will be closed on Monday and Tuesday. And it is still not clear whether this school will be opened on Wednesday at previous location or will be dislocated far away from Brighton Beach area.

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