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Saturday Night Live Lampoons Congressman Grimm’s Outburst



Those jokers over at Saturday Night Live took their turn mocking Bensonhurst’s representative to Congress, Michael Grimm, following other funnymen including Jon Stewart of The Daily Show.

In the latest video, Grimm’s outburst against a reporter, in which he threatened to throw him off a balcony, is upstaged by fictional freshman Representative Sheila Kelly, played by guest host Melissa McCarthy.

Kelly explodes in front of cameras after a “Delaware 1” TV reporter asks her about a fundraising scandal.

After walking off screen, Kelly returns as the reporter throws the broadcast back to the station and gets in his face, just as Congressman Grimm did.

“You ever been thrown out a window, bro? ‘Cause you know what? When I do it, I don’t open it first. You go down with the glass,” Kelly threatened. “You’re not a man – you’re a little baby,” she taunted, harking back to Grimm’s threats to NY1 reporter Michael Scotto, in which you said “You’re not man enough. I’ll break you in half. Like a boy.”

The sketch spirals out of control from there, turning into a pursuit captured on multiple cameras as a gun-weilding Kelly destroys them one by one.

Presumably, Delaware 1’s news director has demanded an apology from Kelly.

Grimm’s outburst, which happened last Tuesday after the State of the Union, continues to draw headlines despite his apology, with allegations that it’s part of a pattern of thuggish behavior for the congressman.

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