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Saturday: Baron DeKalb Knights Of Columbus To Hold Fundraiser To Restore Sandy-Damaged Pier


The Baron DeKalb – Knights of Columbus, at 3000 Emmons Avenue, will hold a fundraiser this Saturday to restore their badly damaged pier.

In the five years of Sheepshead Bites’ existence, the Baron has been a gracious host to us, our readers and to other organizations. They hosted our first and second A Taste of Sheepshead Bay events, when we brought together hundreds of neighbors with dozens of local restaurants for a sampling of our community’s best foods. They also lent their pier over to our site birthday parties, allowing us to feature live music on the pier while readers gathered for free food and affordable drinks. When we organized a town hall meeting to restore the B4 bus service after cuts – which was a success – Baron again opened its doors for us.

And they’ve done the same for a slew of local civic groups who’ve held meetings, forums and workshops there.

The Baron is a community gem, giving back to neighbors far more than it ever takes.

Now they need our help. Like other waterfront locations, the Baron’s building was submerged in Sandy’s waters. Its pier, jutting out into Sheepshead Bay and offering some of the best outdoor waterfront views, was nearly demolished as the waves knocked the platform off the foundation, moving it several feet. Its planks took damage from a large sailboat that tumbled onto the wooden boards before coming to rest at the foot of the building.

While the building has been repaired and is back open, the pier will need tens of thousands of dollars poured into it to recover.

Those looking to help have two options – you can donate $100 (“Pledge a Plank”) and have your name engraved on a pier dedication sign. Or you can attend this Saturday’s fundraiser for $25, for an afternoon of basket raffles, super sweeps, gift certificates, DJ entertainment, food and beverages.

You can also make donations in other amounts by dropping them off or mailing them to the Baron. All the information for that and more is in the flier below.


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  1. I never had the pleasure of enjoying their pier, but I think they should hold the fundraiser in conjunction with the 3rd annual “Taste Of Sheepshead Bay” event. It will draw a bigger crowd, and raise more money.

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