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Sanskriti Closed Temporarily For Renovations


Sanskriti closed for renovations
The windows are papered over at Sanskriti, the Indian restaurant at 54 7th Avenue, between St Johns and Lincoln, which opened just over nine months ago, the newest in a series of Indian restaurants in that space. Apparently it won’t be closed for long, as the writing on the paper reads:

Closed due to renovation for 3-4 weeks. Thank you.

There are no permits filed with the Department of Buildings, and calls to the restaurant’s phone number have not been answered, so we’re hopeful they’re just touching up the paint and that we won’t soon see yet another vacancy on 7th.

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  1. Olieng next door was closed last night when I walked by. Sanskriti is not reopening, if it does it will be a new name change, same menu, and another laundering scam of some sort. How many Indian restaurants could possibly reinvent themselves in that same space? Are the owners really that dumb? Because those of us who live nearby certainly are not.

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