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Sanitation Extends Special Storm Pickups To Help Homeowners Recovering From Sandy

Storm debris was taken to Riis Park and other locations, which were turned into makeshift dumps to handle the large volume of waste. (Photo by Anne F.)

For those who suffered severe flooding, it seems there’s almost no end to the amount of garbage and debris we’ve ripped from our homes. And with only so much space on the sidewalk, two full months still isn’t enough time to get it all curbside.

Thankfully, the good folks at the Department of Sanitation have extended the special collection of storm debris until Monday, January 14, giving homeowners an additional two weeks to get the last of it out.

“The men and women of the Department have been working around the clock since Super Storm Sandy hit in order to clear roads of sand and debris and remove massive amounts of flooded furniture, clothing and personal items left behind in its wake,” said Commissioner John Doherty in a press release. “We now are in the midst of the winter snow season and our full resources must be ready to tackle snow storms of any size and frequency. As such, we must cease special collections effective Monday, January 14, 2013.”

Sanitation crews have already cleared out 381,000 tons of debris from homes and streets since Superstrom Sandy hit. The special pickups are made the day before residents’ regularly scheduled collection day.

The Department has been removing non-commercial waste from homeowners engaged in small projects only. Homeowners who are undertaking large demolition and reconstruction projects must arrange for their own dumpster by contacting a private collection service.

Bulk and construction debris generated by hired contractors or fee-for-service personnel on home repair or renovation projects is considered commercial waste and it is the responsibility of the contractor to arrange for appropriate private disposal.

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  1. This is hard to believe but my sister was out at Riis Park on the weekend and she said the parking lot is totally cleaned out. The only reminder that Sandy ever happened is huge piles of sand that looks like it they were picked clean by giant sifters.

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