Southern Brooklyn

Sandy Rings Up $154M In Overtime


New York City’s Independent Budget Office (IBO), which provides nonpartisan information about the city budget and tax revenues, reported that city agencies have rung up $154.1 million in overtime costs related to Superstorm Sandy.

The large figure comes as no surprise, considering the massive devastation Sandy heaped upon our area, but it’s interesting to note the breakdown of which agencies clocked the most overtime.

The NYPD took the bulk of it, racking up 46 percent of the total overtime. Next was the Department of Sanitation, which took in 35 percent of the overtime pie. Park workers, transit workers and firefighters also took home extra chunks.

According to Mayor Bloomberg, the storm’s total price tag, figuring in city and private losses, was a whopping $19 billion. City agencies accounted for $4.5 billion of that figure, which included overtime costs, cleanup and other expenditures.