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Sandy-Ravaged T.G.I. Fridays Redesigned, Set To Reopen April 28 (Photo Preview)



Sixteen months after Superstorm Sandy shuttered the Sheepshead Bay T.G.I. Fridays (3181 Harkness Avenue), the franchise is set to reopen with a “re-imaged” interior intended to reflect a New York City vibe.


Located on the banks of Plumb Beach Channel, the tides of Superstorm Sandy caused three feet of flood water to barrel through the popular bar and eatery near the United Artists movie theater. The devastation required a long cleanup, and the operators used it as an opportunity to become the first New York-area Fridays to roll out a new interior design that will soon be seen at locations across the five boroughs.


Some of the touches in the new interior include a dramatically redesigned bar, an open kitchen and an acrylic panel depicting the city’s skyline. That’s not to mention the sweeping waterfront views through the floor-to-ceiling windows, with cafe-like seating.

While out of commission, Friday’s reassigned much of its 126-strong workforce to other locations around the city.


The restaurant is set to open its doors to customers on Monday, April 28.


All photos courtesy of T.G.I. Fridays.

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  1. very inviting! who can resist a water view? now if only they’d pave the path at Plumb Beach and decommission Knapp Street as a NASCAR practice strip.

  2. Good thing a lot of us like this pig. Seriously no need to get on a high horse. It’s conveniently located, and more competitively priced than some of the businesses on the Bay. With the cost of tickets these days it’s more reasonable for some people.

    Taste wise it’s also better than some places in similar price range. I’ve had my fair share of food on the bay, and the places I like are all high on the price tag spectrum. A lot of the more mid range restaurants don’t taste too good (barring roll ‘n roaster), or after the recession dwarfed their portions too much.

    I’ve also had too many occasions where my food had large wads of human hair (I won’t name the establishment, but one place literally pulled out hair that crumbled the burger it was in.) Then there is the whole element of discrimination that occurs unless I go with certain company that I won’t get into.

    This coming from someone pro small business whenever possible. I just don’t like the way some of the diners have changed over the years as they have passed under new management. I grew up eating the food, so maybe I have high standards, but a lot of the best cooks just aren’t here anymore.

  3. Was hoping they’d come back. It is for sure one of the better run chains in our area. Good food and great service most times I’ve been there which is way more than I can ever say for Applebees.

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