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Sandy May Ruin $30,000 of Equipment for Wheated


Wheated, the highly anticipated pizza place coming to Church Avenue, suffered what could be major material losses at the hands of Hurricane Sandy. Thankfully, co-owner David Sheridan’s family came out of the storm unscathed.

As work continues on their Church Avenue location, important equipment such as pizza ovens have sat in a storage unit in Coney Island. The unit flooded during the storm. The equipment lost may cost up to $30,000 to replace.

“The storage unit is without power, so we can’t get in there,” David said today. “It looks like equipment will be lost. I was able to get in there and take a few pictures but that’s it so far. We’re waiting for an insurance adjuster to come by. Until then, I don’t know.”

David is still waiting to see just how this will affect Wheated’s projected opening of early 2013. At this point, the exact condition of the equipment is unknown as is whether or not they will be covered by insurance. David said he was not particularly hopeful about insurance.

“The equipment in there has a replacement value of about $30,000,” said David. “That’s not something we have just laying around.”

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  1. I work for another storage company in New York and our customers’ storage units also suffered significant damage. I can say that it’s highly unlikely any insurance will cover David’s loss, but it’s our understanding that FEMA may cover losses within storage units affected by the storm. David should visit to see if he’s eligible and to apply for assistance asap. I’m very sorry for the loss – best of luck in getting everything back together!

  2. is offering free campaigns for businesses affected by Sandy:

    “We’re inviting anyone to start a free campaign on behalf of a Sandy affected business. If you know a place that could use some love from the community, just email us at and we’ll work with you to build a successful campaign for a business in need.”

    There are currently campaigns for other Brookyn businesses like Ted & Honey and One Girl Cookies.

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