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Sample Rare American Whiskeys at Aperitivo’s Brooklyn Whiskey Society Tasting


whiskeys via tienvijftien

People who like whiskey tend to love whiskey, and people who love whiskey will want to listen up: on Thursday, March 14, Aperitivo is hosting Brooklyn Whisk[e]y Society Tasting, an Adventure into the world of American Whiskies and American Game.

The tasting will consist of 1-oz pours of each rare American whiskey (including Balcones Texas Single Malt, St. George Single Malt, McCarthy’s Oregon, and Stranahan’s Colorado), along with a sampling of finger foods and wild game meats.

New guests will be given a membership card that can be marked at each tasting dinner attended. All members who attend 8 or more events within one year will be given a 25% discount for the Annual Premier Whiskey Dinner.

279 Fifth Avenue at 1st Street, 7:30 p.m., $45 (not incl. tax or gratuity). Reservations required: call (718) 369-1223, email, or respond via FB message

Photo via tienvijftien

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