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Russian Beauties Make The Glossies

Marina Levitis (Source: New York Magazine/ Dina Litovsky)
Marina Levitis (Source: New York Magazine/ Dina Litovsky)

Though Russian Dolls was ripped from us at an all-too-early-time, the true spirit of Russia’s pageantry remains alive on the pages of New York Magazine.

Recently, as part of their style series, New York Magazine profiled several Russian women in all of their glory, including Rasputin co-owner and Russian Dolls star, Marina Levitis, wife of scandal-marred Michael Levitis.

From furs to giant gemstones, Ukraine-born photographer Dina Litovsky headed to Brighton Beach to capture the “the procession of red-soled heels.”

Check out the rest of the gallery and prepare to feel completely unfashionable about your t-shirt and jeans. I know I do.

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  1. how much did Levitis have to pay them for this article?? No NORMAL RESPECTABLE Russian female dresses that way. Im sorry, but Ned thank you for the laugh 🙂

  2. Sorry, but these Slavic babes, don’t appeal to many of us. Yuch! It’s the Mediterranean dishes, and Hungarians, that hit the spot. Das Vadanya everybody!

  3. Beauties!? Really? Gaudy, trashy and I bet what they’re wearing was paid for by our health care system. The only place these slobvic dolls will blend right in is with all the other escorts pictorials that will saturate Sochi ’12. I do have to admit that little furry rat-dog did make me laugh.

  4. Russian ladies are the best dressed all over the world, thats the fact!! Looove the pictures especially with the dog!!! thanks for a great article and great work on a pictures.

  5.  I actually know the girl in the photo, I used to work with her.  Besides being beautiful she is really smart.  Go Lana!!!

  6.  this article so nice and Russian ladies very beautiful  on pictures.thanks for great job and good luck!!

  7. These broads kill me in the morning on the Siberian Express, aka B train dripping in every freakin designer there is. Not quite sure who they are trying to impress, but it sure ain’t me. American born and bred Brooklyn girls could really give a rat’s ass.

  8. Hate to tell these ladies this but their style?  America circa 1993.  Celebrating the me generation, 20 years later.  But I expect everybody has to go through the motions.  Bit of advice:  see what happened to the American me generation?  What goes around, comes around. But if the price of gold keeps going up, then those baubles may soften the blow when it does.  Nothing like a tangible investment.

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