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Rumor Confirmed: Parm Coming To Flatbush Avenue


Sandwich via Parm
Back in April we heard that Parm, the Manhattan hero shop whose meatballs have gotten some high praise, might be moving into a space near the future Shake Shack. And now it looks like that is in fact going to happen — work is underway, and it looks like we’ll just have to wait out the summer before we’ve got those meatballs.

The Daily News got the confirmation┬áthat they’ll be opening at 208-210 Flatbush Avenue from landlord Michael Pintchik, who explains he chose them for the spot because he prefers “the regional or local guy compared to the national tenant.” And one of the co-owners told Eater that yep, that’s the space they’ll be in come fall.

Photo via Parm

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  1. EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT!!! The latest words from a previous chef is that the old Melt restaurant will have a new life. It will open under a new name sometime in July. Melt was closed down by health inspectors in October 2013 and never reopened again. It will be the same owners but a totally different staff and a face lift of the interior to disguise its old identity of a very poorly managed entity.
    We can all sit back and watch the train wreck as it unfolds on its new journey. Hopefully,
    some luck will fall upon them the second time around and train will avoid its ill fate journey.

    Chef Jonn

  2. If its the same owners I give it 6 months before the doors are closed again and the ” SPACE FOR RENT ” sign goes up.

  3. Are you sure? People were saying a Starbucks was going inn this location.
    This neighborhood does not need another food court / dive restaurant or wine / sports bar. It is already saturated with them on 5th avenue.

  4. Oh come on now, the owner(s) were not that bad. They only kept the last
    three weeks of the employees pay and closed the doors. It could have been worse.
    Ex employee

  5. This makes me feel good about them. I think I will go and apply for a job there when they open. I am sure it will be a pleasure to work there.

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