Rugby Road Gets New Speed Bumps, 20 MPH Limit


rugby closed for speed bumps road work
Careful if you wind up driving down Rugby later today–new speed bumps have been installed between Glenwood and Avenue H.

We first got word the bumps would be going in a few weeks ago, upon hearing that signs–much to the surprise of a few neighbors on the block–had been put up. Those neighbors expressed concern over the noise bumps might cause if hit by vehicles without adequate clearance, although they could all agree they’d be glad if it meant less speeding in the area.

We have reached out to Community Board 14 for more information on the bumps–how it was decided to install them, if anything could be done about the potential noise issue, and if neighbors could elect to have the bumps removed if the noise was too disturbing–but we haven’t yet heard back. UPDATE 6/13: CB14 explains that the neighborhood requested the bumps a couple years ago, and that, as is the process, the DOT examined the street and felt bumps would ameliorate incidents of speeding on the block. Though they are not directly involved in the process, CB14 can direct neighbors with concerns to the right channels to make requests or complaints about these, or any other, speed bumps.

What about you–if you live on a block with speed bumps, have you been disturbed by the noise of cars driving over them? Have they significantly reduced speeding on your block, or do drivers put the pedal to the metal in between them? If there’s noise, is it a fair trade off for safer driving?

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  1. The temporary inconvenience of the sound of a bumper being cracked in half is well worth the life-long lesson of obeying traffic laws that it will serve.

  2. I would welcome the sound of those bumpers cracking. I could listen to it all day. Beautiful music.

  3. When I hear an a-hole’s car bottom out and scrape as they race down Stratford, it makes me smile. It’s even better when I happen to be at the window and get to see it.

  4. lowest common denominator way to try and control speeders, cause as many problems as they solve including people speeding up between them, actually dangerous for bicyclists to go over or around, noise polluting, visual polluting and emissions polluting – yech!

  5. As a cyclist who commutes through Ditmas on a daily basis, I can say that speed humps are not a danger. Most of the new humps are gently sloped and easy to ride over. If alternate side parking is in effect, it is easy (and safe) to bike around them right next to the curb.

    Here is a link to a peer reviewed study that shows that speed humps make children safer:

    I dont really need to know any more than that to support them.

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