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Rowdy Teens Take Over Kings Plaza Mall, Spurring Police Response

Source: Wikimedia Commons

ONLY ON SHEEPSHEAD BITES: Chaos overtook Kings Plaza Mall (5100 Kings Plaza) yesterday afternoon when approximately 500 teenagers became rowdy, causing security officials to call the police and temporarily shutter the mall for at least two hours to restore order.

The teens, who were off from school for winter break, flooded the mall, and security officials there became concerned for patrons’ safety when the kids became boisterous around 5:30 p.m., according to Kings Plaza’s head of security.

“They were just rowdy, they weren’t doing much,” the mall’s security chief told Sheepshead Bites this morning. “We called the police department and the police department escorted them in and out.”

The NYPD has not returned calls for comment about the incident, but the 63rd Precinct’s community affairs unit sent out the following e-mail, obtained by Sheepshead Bites, to community leaders this morning:

I received several phone calls last night regarding Kings Plaza…so I want to dispel any rumors you may or may not have heard.  We had a group of rambunctious teens acting like children in the mall last night.  We already had officers in the Mall at the time.  We took steps to ensure the safety of everyone in the mall and expelled the kids from the mall.  There were no reports of any injuries, larcenies, or property damaged.  Therefore there were no arrests made.

While rumors abounded on social media that a riot and gang disputes had caused the mall to close, mall security confirmed that there was no damage or theft during the incident, and no one including personnel was injured. Video of altercations with police and mall security found their way to Facebook and Twitter late in the day, including the video below showing teens clashing with what appears to be police officers from the 63rd Precinct.

Security officials also said the mall was never officially closed, although they did temporarily restrict access until the kids were ejected, and order was restored at approximately 8:00 p.m. – about an hour and a half before its usual closing time. Mall security said some businesses chose to stay closed the remainder of the day.

“Some of them kept their gate down and had their registers closed. We didn’t close. The mall was in business,” the security boss said.

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  1. I am sure the videos lied!!! People in the mall lied too about them spitting on people about hitting people and about ram-sacking stores…What a shame!!!!

  2. As an employee that works in kings plaza this article is complete bull. This doesn’t tell what really happened and the store were ordered to close.

  3. Wow, the DN’s totally un-sourced story conflicts with ours. Go figure.

    A: Feel free to share what you know. I can only say what I was able to gather from talking to security, KP admin and what the PD sent to local leaders. That said, he didn’t say that the stores were NOT ordered to close as they cleared it out, he just said that the mall was not “officially” closed and that stores were able to reopen if they chose (and some did not).

  4. The scuffle involving about six high school students began because one
    girl was wearing a shirt with a picture of another girl and a derogatory
    phrase about her, sources said.

    Sounds like a great reason to flip out and break some bitches nails!

  5. I’ve seen it happen all to often. there is no way the videos lied. If anything, it didn’t capture full detail, but what was already seen in there is below the average incidents that happen there on a normal basis.

  6. In light of this incident, there is a rumor going around that nobody without ID or adult supervision is allowed in the mall now.

  7. Where’s the mall cam footage. I think this story is bull. that video shows a cop tackling two people and than… nothing? They locked people in? What is they had weapons?

  8. Haha, Ned, I first heard it as a riot broke out in KP (the time i posted it in the other thread). But this video does not show RIOT to me. Doing search for RIOT and KP lead me to 12/10 terror lock down article. This sounds like a government take over to me. 😉

  9. What do you see in this video? I see a shaky cam, a cop tackling two kids who he lets go. more shaky cam, and then nothing. If that is a riot in your opinion, you haven’t lived my friend!

  10. This doesn’t mention numbers, and people being locked into stores over it. And now they are going to ID everyone going in?

  11. ???
    It’s a private establishment. They can do as they please. I don’t see how it’s different from getting carded at a nightclub/bar.

  12. You are one of those security over freedom people aren’t you?
    I know what you are saying about the private establishment, but if you give them an inch (an inch that they forced) they will take a mile.
    I bet if they started randomly carding humans on the public streets you would be ok with it, because only riff raff do not have IDs, and hey, its a privilege to live here in the first place!

  13. Would love to know the ethnic composite of the ” teens”. They should have been shot on sight. Kudos to Kings Plaza on its new policy of not allowing any savages (oops I meant “teens”) under 18 to enter the mall without an adult .

  14. White man creates through exploitation of minorities. I’m sure that mall was built mostly by Mexicans exploited by whitey.

  15. If they was Jewish, an easy way to stop the rioting would be to throw thousands of pennies on the floor. While they busy picking up and fighting over the pennies, NYPD would throw giant nets over them.

  16. Ain’t going nowhere, son. You keep your white ass west of Flatbush Ave. if you know what’s good for you.

  17. lmao you’re all doing a fine job of being some of the most passive aggressive racists I’ve ever seen! keep it up losers, I’d much sooner hang out with these “baboons” (super appropriate word by the way haha!) than one of you bigots any day

  18. Nice being brain dead and a weakling. You keep LYING to yourself. What do you think they were doing in the mall? Nothing racist? You are the PERFECT knockout victim. Stupid till it hurts.

  19. I’m curious what the response is from local community leaders. Ideally, they would recognize the need for local programs for young people that engage them in productive activities on non-school days.

  20. The “community leaders” are all about getting money from federal, state, and local governments, but they do not spend that money on teen programs, they pocket the money instead using kickback schemes of all sorts. And much of that money winds back up in the election coffers of local politicians. This is a scheme that was invented by white people (the Irish) many decades ago.

  21. Obviously everything is white peoples fault. Why is it that if blacks or Hispanics commit crimes it’s always in groups? They are getting more cowardly, attacking women and kids or bystanders at malls it’s pathetic. It’s why guns should be allowed. Never hear stories like this in Texas.

  22. A bunch of these people don’t look like SB regulars. I think someone posted this somewhere else on the internet, and then the crazies showed up.

  23. they alll came from brooklyn houseofdetention an over flowing toilet bowl welfare crack adicts an just losers an junkys

  24. All of the racist banter in response to this article is disturbing, but sadly shows very well the state of so many people in this area.

  25. I meant the people leaving comments here on the site. Should have clarified that at first.

    And for the record, I have no problem with respectful people of any shade, orientation, religious affiliation, etc living or visiting the community and I’m sure most people around here (or anywhere else for that matter) feel the same (if that wasn’t the case, I would have been run out months ago). What I do have a problem with ratchetness.

  26. Isn’t it interesting how easily the words “savages”, “beasts”, “baboons”, “fucking animals”, roll off their tongues? All white people are secretly racist, even in so-called progressive places like NYC.

  27. The real story is This girl had called me a ho a while back and i seen her so i calmly asked her about it She thought i called her one and she had her cousin fight me then she jumped in and jumped me and my friend ended up pulling her off me and fighting her This was my first fight and never did i intended for it to happen in a shopping mall and end up on the news, but the cousin i didnt evne know hit me so yes i proudly hit her back . Im not proud of what I done but shit happens, and Im a very educated, honor student at academy for young writers high school, I’m Just a stupid acting kid.

  28. Any neighborhood in Brooklyn is fair game, except for Bensonhurst. I misplaced my football helmet and those guidos with baseball bats are vicious.

  29. Hi Nick, when there is a large group hanging out it would be nice if an officer took the time to introduce himself and ask who he is talking to. Cops used to know the kids on their beat by name…..and not just the bad ones. PS I am also for stop and search!

  30. There is a break down of Quality of Life in and around this area….Sheepshead Bay included.

    Remember is just a name calling ass.

  31. Stop trolling. You are becoming annoying. You are quite the racist yourself. LaQuan you just like to add fuel to a fire and watch the flames.

  32. Hi Hope. I hope the comments are from adolescents. At this point they are coming from every far point in Brooklyn and NOT the regular viewers of this blog. I agree it is disturbing.

  33. Can you tell us more about what actually happened in the mall? Every source seems to tell a different, incomplete story; does this have anything to do with the flash mobs that been happening where people steal stuff in large numbers and run off, or just circumstantial chaos in numbers? I’m trying my hardest not to be racist either, but given every story I read about where something like this is happening, it’s predominantly black people; can you clarify on what you observed in that regard (I really don’t like thinking that way, but it’s what I’ve observed; I know it doesn’t reflect the whole community though, it’s just representative of small pockets of people and nothing more)?

    Take this from me, focus on your studies or things of interest (e.g. writing) and avoid the trivialities of people in HS, most of them will not be around after the fact; this is coming from someone who’s been in more fist fights than I can count on my hands. Take this as a learning experience and make an active attempt to avoid toxic people. If someone insults you, respect their belief; it’s all subjective, you know? Example, using your experience: if someone called you a “ho”, don’t apply your concept of what a Ho is, but respect the fact that by their definition you may fit that in their eyes and doesn’t necessarily reflect the negative connotation of what you have about it. It becomes only a word at that point, yes? Don’t pursue it and leave it at that, but if she takes the initiative to say why and she describes you to your own expectations; those are still only her perceptions in the way she portrays them to you, and may not reflect fact; it becomes an issue of cognitive bias (and if it were factual, that’s pride you have to swallow, no matter how rude it is for someone to say it to you). With that said, they’re people who will continue to berate you no matter how polite you are; just do your best to keep your thoughts to yourself and walk away in those instances, because those are the people you typically won’t be able to negotiate with because they’ve already decided on a course of action. It helps to grow a beard too :P.

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