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Roll ‘n Roaster Was Down — But Not For Long

Photo by Erica Sherman

Here’s some happy news.

Roll ‘n Roaster proved to be one of the luckier establishments that faced Hurricane Sandy’s fury along Emmons Avenue, as the venerable cheez whiz paradise has rebounded quickly with minimal damage.

“We got lucky,” Roll ‘n Roaster General Manager Ayet Karce told Brooklyn Daily. “There was mud and sand so we had some heavy mopping to do, but that was about it.”

The restaurant was also lucky to be located between Bedford Avenue and Knapp Street, an area unaffected by power outages, so they were able to save perishable food products from a trip to the dump. This was good news in the face of sorrowful Twitter rumors, which reported the demise of the beloved fast food spot.

The timing couldn’t be better as tonight is the airing of Anthony Bourdain’s series finale of his hit Travel Channel show, “No Reservations,” in which he visits the venerable 40-year-old Southern Brooklyn institution.

As we previously reported, the globe-trotting Bourdain visited Roll ‘n Roaster in August to indulge in its onion rings and famous cheez whiz-slathered roast beef deliciousness before he kicks off his new show on CNN.

Correction (7:28 p.m.): Our apologies for incorrectly repeating Bay News’ / Brooklyn Daily’s erroneous information about there not being power outages on Emmons Avenue. We know that much of that stretch is without power, and apologize for the error.

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  1. My friend lives on Emmons and E 26th and still has no power. So the statement that those east of Bedford did not suffer power losses is not true.

  2. I don’t understand how this article states that the area between Bedford and Knapp were “unaffected by power outages” — I’m in that “unaffected” area, and I have partial power. It looks as though no one on East 27th between Emmons & Shore have power — at least the Waterview Condo dwellers on that block don’t.

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  4. Love Roll n Roaster, Glad they didn’t get too much damage, been there 42 years, can’t imagine it not being there. Yaaay Roll n Roaster 🙂

  5. I dont tweet and the site still says nothing sourth of Kings Hwy. so, oh wise one, what are you not telling us.? I took the BM 3 monday moring and it was worth the 5.50; I went in late, there was hardly any traffic and the bus was only about 1/2 full. Boy, we must be losing a fortune on this service but I love it as backup to the subways.

  6. Randazzos got a few minutes as well, and Sheepshead Bay fishing had a pretty long segment which might bring a boost to the local tourist fishing industry. That would be a welcome change from the boats having to make money with loud parties. All in all it seemed if any area got the largest spotlight it would be Sheepshead Bay even if RnR was cut. I can’t tell if this was edited to bring attention to the area because of Sandy or a legitimate recognition that Southern Brooklyn is the real Brooklyn, but I’ll assume it’s the latter because we are awesome.

  7. This makes me so happy. I know it’s just a fast food place, and not someone’s home, but it is an institution that just says “Sheepshead” to a lot of people. I’m happy not just that it’s there, but that they don’t need to renovate…it will keep that 70s charm. Any word on Randazzos?

  8. It was likely edited way before Sandy and since it had a few segments on the Bay, including a long one on local fishing, there just wasn’t enough time for a fast food joint, regardless of how different it is from most.

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