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Roll-N-Roaster Makes Appearance in Craigslist Missed Connections


An ad was posted on Craigslist “Missed Connections” involving Roll-n-Roaster, a brunette, and a 25-year old man.

Amidst the roast beef and 1970’s-style furnishings at 2901 Emmons Avenue, the unnamed 25-year-old found himself gazing diagonally across the room at a “beautiful Brunette wearing a Black T-Shirt, Blue shorts, and Sneakers ‘maybe converse’.”  According to the ad, he and the woman made eye contact several times, but he did not speak to her and later on regretted it.

The ad was posted Tuesday; the encounter occurred sometime that evening. The brunette targeted in the ad was “with a friend,” however the post offered no further details.

Sheepshead Bites believes we should all, y’know, love thy neighbor. Sometimes, literally. And, sometimes, we want to help a brother out.

If that brunette is one of our readers, give this dude a chance. Even if he is a little weird looking.

UPDATE (8/3/2012 at 9:00 a.m.): We removed the photo from our post after a reader claimed that the Craigslist poster used that photo of someone else without his permission. Sounds, uh, credible. Way to go, Craigslist.

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  1. the man in this photo. is not the person who posted this add…

    i know the guy in the photo for 26 years.
    so him saying the 25 year old male… isnt him..
    i asked my friend and he confirmed that it infact isnt him and is a stolen photo being used

  2. If he is not the person in the photo perhaps he is stalking this girl–maybe he thinks she owes him something–money, etc.  I’d hate to be the one to lead him to this girl.

  3. Hi, I am the female that was making eyes at this fellow at rolling roaster. If you can please send me his number I will call him tonight. While I was gulping tons of cheezee I couldn’t help but not stare at this hunk. I was trying to hold back farting the entire time because of all the roast beef I had just eaten and I did not want to offend him with any “smells”.  PLEASE, send me this info ASAP

  4. Nick, this could have been SO much funnier if you didn’t use your account to post this….and wrong….funny…..and wrong.

  5. I saw the mysterious lady in question at the famous 2011 Taste of Sheepshead Bay event.  She was gorgeous.  Unfortunately,  I spilled my Arbuz yogurt on her when I went to make my move.  I hid by the Bassett table for the rest of the night in total shame (imgesting mass quantities of dreamy pork tenderloin).  I’m glad she’s re-surfaced.  Was there a stain on her blouse?

  6. Nothing gets by you guys at Sheepshead Bites. You are on top of it all.

    Who says we do not live in a “small town?”  We even have a minor league baseball team that plays here.

  7. You’re “trying to help a brother out” and then you end the article by saying that he’s a little weird looking. Lol.

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