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Roll-n-Roaster 40th Anniversary Means Free Sandwich

Valpak coupon envelope (Scanned image by Ray Johnson)

Valpak representative, Dave Rose, gave us the heads up that there is a coupon for a free roast beef sandwich at Roll-n-Roaster (2901 Emmons Avenue).

Judging from some of their past shenanigans, we wanted to see the coupon for ourselves before posting the information. Sure enough, the coupon is inside the latest Valpak Savings envelope. If you haven’t already thrown the envelope out unopened, you will be rewarded with a 40th anniversary free roast beef sandwich with no purchase necessary.

You won’t have much time to grab this sandwich, because although the last coupon had an expiration of one year (a typo, apparently*), this one expires on February 7, 2010. Plus, the coupon doesn’t say so (the website does) — but, they are only giving out 100,000 sandwiches for free. The language on the offer begs the question: to avoid suspicions about the propriety of this giveaway — how will RnR be keeping track of the the number of free sandwiches given away?

Correction as of 1/30/2010: Dave Rose has informed us that the coupon with an expiration of one year was not a typo. Apparently, it was our misunderstanding. We apologize for the mistaken assumption.

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  1. Can you actually picture 100,000 people actually going to R'nR' to get their free sandwich? How many people just throw away the Valupak mailings when they recieve them? But after Dr. Pepper got flooded with requests on an Internet promotion they did (and that was probably not the only case) everyone is getting cautious. I am sure that there is a way of tabulating the number of promotional items given out. Modern technology is amazing.

  2. I'm pretty sure that February 7th will come well before they get anywhere near 100,000 sandwiches. For a single location fast food joint, free or not, that's a LOT of sandwiches.

  3. Really. I doubt they have 5,000 unique customers a day normally. And how many people usually discard the Valupak envelope without even opening it. (Raises hand)

  4. Eat in only? Roll-n-Roaster certainly wouldn't want a flood of the homeless and welfare recipients walking in and out of the place.

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  6. I'm not sure, but when I went in last night for my sandwich, the clerk mistakenly asked me if the order was “to stay” or “to go.” I stayed.

  7. I haven't gotten my Value-Pak yet. I wonder if the mailman is crooked. Imagine a whole lineup (pun intended) of mailmen walking into Roll-N-Roaster?

  8. They will have more of a response than would be normal, in large part because you informed people to look in the Valpack envelope.

    But they might get some repeat business, which is why they do these promotions.

  9. 100,000 coupons were printed and mailed by Valpak hence the max amount of Sandwiches that can be redeemed is 100,000 if everybody cashes one in.
    Dave Rose

  10. 100,000 mailmen on the wall, 100,000 mailmen! If one of those mailmen should happen to fall, 99,999 mailmen on the wall!

  11. Do you regularly get the valpak envelope. If so then it depends on your address as to whether it will be in the jan or feb envelope

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