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Robert De Niro Spotted On 7th Avenue


Robert De Niro filming The Intern via Joanna Dosik
Filming for The Intern is underway today along 7th Avenue, transforming local shops into other kinds of businesses, and, it looks like, changing the season a bit as well.

A number of people have already spotted star Robert De Niro, including neighbor Joanna Dosik, who shares this picture of him above, strolling down 7th between President and Carroll, in front of one of those fake stores, renamed “Parkside Kids” (which is normally Loom).

Robert De Niro by Lynn Brewster
And neighbor Lynn Brewster shared this one — that’s him in front of the bodega on the corner of Berkeley.

Robert De Niro by Sue Bolles
And Sue Bolles caught this one of him filming on the corner of Berkeley, checking out the postings on that bulletin board.

The Intern filming on 7th Ave by Helen
Neighbor Helen shares this one, which shows the scope of the project — it’s big, and the production is taking up a lot of parking spaces along 7th and on side streets through tomorrow.

Don’t be fooled by this bulletin board…

…or Brooklyn Slice…

…or these lovely flowers.

But enjoy your new BFFs (in addition to De Niro, the film features Anne Hathaway) if you can!

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