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Riders Beware: No Q Train South Of Kings Highway

We're guessing they're still cleaning up from this (Photo by Randy Contello)

The Q will terminate at Kings Highway instead of Coney Island on Tuesday and Wednesday during the midday.  No reason is given for the service change, but it is probably due to track work between Brighton Beach and Coney Island.  Below is the description of the change and alternate travel advice from the MTA website.

Here’s the most important nugget:

On Tuesday and Wednesday, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. there will be no Q train between Kings Highway and Stillwell Avenue. B trains and a fare free B68 bus will provide alternate service.

Here are more detailed alternate routes:

  • Transfer between the Q and B trains at Kings Highway
  • Transfer between the B68 bus and D, F and N trains at Stillwell Avenue
  • For Kings Hwy, Avenue U, Neck Rd, Sheepshead Bay and Brighton Beach, take the B instead
  • For Ocean Pkwy, take the B68 bus along Brighton Beach Avenue
  • Transfer between the B68 and Manhattan-bound B trains at Brighton Beach or F trains at Neptune Avenue
  • For West 8th Street, take the F for service to Manhattan, or take the F to Neptune Avenue and transfer to the B68 bus for Ocean Parkway and the Brighton Beach B Station.
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  1. They are still running on the same tracks (both local except for the skipped stations). Since the B terminates at Brighton Beach, it is not affected. Although the work is being done west of Brighton Beach, there is not enough capacity to terminate both the B and Q at Brighton Beach, so the Q is terminating at Kings Highway instead.

  2. the oddest G.O. i have ever seen. I remember in 1996, there was a G.O. where the Q (at that time the express) terminated at Kings Highway and riders had to transferred to the D (at that time the local) to continue down to Coney Island due to work on the express tracks at Brighton Beach.

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