Southern Brooklyn

Returning Sand Makes Cymbrowitz Happy As A Clam

Delicious sand. (Photo By PayPaul)

Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz was pleased as punch to learn about the U.S. Army Corps plan to restore 600,000 cubic yards of sand to the shores of Brighton Beach. In a press release, Cymbrowitz hailed the federal plan that not only expands the coastline but provides storm protection to blunt the impact of future storms.

Last month, we reported on the U.S. Army Corps $7.3 million contract given out to the  Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company to replenish the sand lost on the beaches of Coney Island and Brighton Beach. Cymbrowitz praised the plan as an important step to bringing the community back to pre-Sandy conditions.

“Although our area suffered significant damage during Sandy, the beach helped reduce the impact from the Atlantic Ocean and prevented things from being even worse,” Cymbrowitz said in the release. “Replacing the sand that was lost due to Sandy is an important mechanism for reducing the risk of damage should another severe storm hit us.”

As we previously reported, construction on the beach is likely to begin in August and the work is expected to be completed in the fall.

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