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Residents Of Burned-Down Borough Park Home Claim Neighbors May Have Done It

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After a three-alarm fire set a Borough Park home ablaze early Friday morning, investigators have been sifting through a load of very bizarre allegations.

The three-story home at 1029 42nd Street began to burn at about 6:30 a.m. The blaze, which may have started in the basement, quickly engulfed the entire house. Fortunately, none of the residents suffered any major injuries. Further, of the hundreds of firefighters who put the flames out, only five were treated for minor injuries.

“It’s a very labor intensive fire, we have to pull all of the walls down, pull all of the ceilings down to expose the fire and get water into those voids,” said FDNY Deputy Chief Robert Long to NY1.

While investigators are still looking into the cause of the fire, residents of the home think they know what started the flames. They’re pointing the finger at neighbors who don’t want them in the neighborhood. They claim that several other homes have been burned down over the years for the same reasons.

“I’m just really hoping that this was not intentionally set. That all of us people are not homeless because somebody wanted the property,” stated Laura Gonzalez, a resident of the charred home.

Fire reps said they will investigate all possible leads. They assure that if foul play was involved, they will get to the bottom of it.

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  1. not a surprise at all. the J**s don’t want anyone but themselves living in the neighborhood. try talking to anyone and their security force will be running with lights and sirens from all directions.

  2. Ridiculous accusation. I assume that the investigation will show that faulty wiring due to illegal renovations was the cause. With the insuranvce money they can rebuild and stay put. Why anyone would want to live in Boro Park with the lack of parking and trees is beyond me.

  3. You need to learn a little bit about the demographics in that neighborhood, and then UNDERSTAND why home demand there is greater than other neighborhoods. Not too hard to figure out.

  4. You do realize that Borough Park is super expensive and in-demand, right? It’s only the fastest growing neighborhood in NYC.

    And since when did “lack of parking and trees” inhibit property values? Manhattan is the toughest place to park in North America, and has some of the highest property values in the world.