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Reports: Storms Did Not Stop Criminals!


Judging from a few reports we’ve received this morning, it appears the strong winds and heavy rains of Hurricane Irene were not enough to stop criminals.

One reader tells us that an assault and stabbing occurred sometime after midnight, on East 19th Street and Avenue U. We have no additional details about this incident.

Meanwhile, Ed Jaworski of the Madison-Marine-Homecrest Civic Association writes to tell us that some brave stupid thief weathered the storm last night for the simple purpose of breaking into cars. He writes:

Did car thieves take a break last night? Not on my block, East 28 St. At least one neighbor found his car broken into, had to happen during the height of the storm, everything was scattered about, but nothing missing. Not even the flashlight.

Have you heard about any crimes that happened during the storm? Tell us here!

Update (1:32 p.m.): Bloomberg said during a press conference this afternoon that overnight crime activity is below normal. There were 45 overnight arrests citywide, as opposed to an average of 345 overnight arrests on a normal night.

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  1. You also had less people present for dangerous activity to occur to, less police monitoring troublesome activity (due to their being needed for hurricane effects), and less people to report issues due to their being evacuated or hiding out in their homes. 

    The statistic is meaningless without accounting for these relevant factors.

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