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Reminder: MTA Fare Hikes Hit Tomorrow


Go buy Metrocards! Tomorrow, December 30, the MTA fare hikes go into effect.

Second Ave Sagas has a good wrap up of the changes:

The 30-day card will cost $104 and the seven-day card $29. The 14- and one-day cards will go the way of the dodo, and the pay-per-ride discount will drop to seven percent on purchases above $10. Talk about bad timing.

Today, then, is the last day to stock up on pre-hike cards. For pay-per-ride cards, the sky is the limit. Put as much as you can on as many pay-per-ride cards as you’d like to enjoy cheaper rates.

If you pay-per-ride, you should go and fill up your card today so that you can enjoy the better bonuses. If you use unlimiteds, be aware that there are sunset dates after which you can no longer use them, even if you still have time on the card. Second Ave Sagas has a chart for that.

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  1. If the trains aren’t running tomorrow morning, how do i get to Manhattan from Sh-bay? Can somebody pls tell me? I am new to the area.

    I know that there are express buses, but which one would i have to take and at what intersections do they stop?

    Thanks in advance. I can’t believe the trains are not working for 3 days. This is unreal.

  2. i wish they would postpone the fare hike, but i think that is not possible because the vending machines are already programmed to change tomorrow and postponement would cost extra money, something the MTA does not have

  3. “We”, as Mike would say,definitely need the money now more than ever.
    How can “we” pay for the things we already have?
    French, ‘ya know.

  4. The express bus is the BM-3. It runs on Ocean Avenue to Avenue X to Bachelder to Voorhies, Knapp and Emmons to Shore Blvd. The MTA webite says there are some detours because of the snow. It stops about every quarter mile.

  5. i’ll pay the extra fare if MTA will tell me why, for the first time in my life, so many buses had to be abandoned at intersections so as to cause maximum hassle in traffic, walking, and cleanup.

  6. I normally side with people who hate the MTA but this one time I am going to call you an idiot. It is not their fault. The department of sanitation is in charge of clean up. The buses were abandoned because they were stuck in the snow.

  7. Money well spent 😛 Ugh

    Please help save me some headaches for my early (5:45am) morning commute. Is the B44 running.. is it running the whole route or starting on avenue U? Should I just take the B36 to the D again tomorrow or do you think its safe to wait for 44 and take it to the 2 train? (help)

  8. The way they are salting as we speak I would say go for the bus.
    But I wouldn’t bet real money on it yet. LOL

  9. I don’t even know why MTA had bothered to hold public meetings concerning the hike when they are going to do it anyway. Everything is getting way too expensive way too fast. Our salary increase is not keeping up to pace.

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