Reminder: Come Meet Your Neighbors Tomorrow During Graffiti Cleanup & Beautification Day!


Brooks family firebox painting cleanup by Nathan Thompson
As mentioned earlier in the week, tomorrow (Saturday, May 31) is the annual Neighborhood Cleanup and Beautification Day! Nathan Thompson, who lives in Prospect Park South and hosts a yearly party for volunteers, asked that we post his note about why locals might be interested in joining the cleanup or simply popping by to say hello.

Hey Neighbor,

A last minute mention about the anti-graffiti/clean up day tomorrow.

The event may seen like a few hours focused on some big walls. And there is that. But this was started with the small project in mind. You might just wish to “‘adopt” a mailbox, storage box, or lamp post or a (firebox red) firebox near your front door. That is great. We will have small cups of post office-provided paint colors that you can just pick up for touching up at any time.

Drop by any time during the event (9am to 2pm on Saturday the 31st), to either of the pick up points or my house at 88 Buckingham Road. And whether you join a group or not, please drop by the same address for a BBQ anytime after 2pm. It’s a great chance to meet a neighbor and other “do-ers.”

Hope to see you.

Sssnole made a great point a few days ago about the event helping neighbors to get to know one another. If you’d like to broaden the number of familiar faces you see everyday, tomorrow is a fabulous opportunity to do so.

To RSVP for the cleanup portion of the event, email or call 718-282-2500, x79290–then meet at Downtown Natural Market (on the corner of Church Avenue and E 17th Street) at 9am tomorrow.

Photo by Nathan Thompson

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  1. Also FDC`s locations for pick up of supplies for paint and gardening:

    1. Flatbush Food Coop on Cortelyou Rd
    2. FDC at 1616 Newkirk Ave between E16th and E17th

    FDC and Church Ave BID are here for the whole neighborhood so come to our locations and pick up supplies and hit those spots closest to your heart or join a group project like the subway bridge at Beverley Rd or Newkirk Plaza. Come join the neighborhood fun!

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