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Remembering Ian Jose Caicedo-Boza, A New Father & Skilled Rapper Whose Life Was Cut Short By A Bullet On Crooke Avenue

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Ian Jose Caicedo-Boza

By the age of 22, Ian Jose Caicedo-Boza had already accomplished much: he was a doting father to an 8-month-old girl who had become the pride and joy of his life, and he was a skilled rapper who had spent countless hours perfecting his craft over the years.

Ian, who grew up on Caton Avenue, loved his friends and family and had made being the best father possible to Isabella Maddyn — or Maddy, as Ian called her — his top priority.

But on July 2, Maddy lost her father: Ian died at Kings County Hospital after being shot in the head outside 81 Crooke Avenue, between St. Paul’s Place and Ocean Avenue, the day before, July 1.

“On July 2, 2015, the world was robbed of a respectful man that had great potential and a loving heart,” read the funeral program for Ian, which a friend of Ian’s family sent to us.

Ian was born on March 18, 1993 in an apartment on Caton Avenue, near E. 17th Street, to his parents, Zoila Boza and Jose Caicedo.

“The way he entered our world set the stage for the greatness that he was going to give,” the funeral program said. “From the beginning, he showed great potential. He walked and talked early and displayed great interest in the art of music.”

Everyone who knew Ian had witnessed how much time and energy he put into his music.

“Anyone who has ever heard Ian, aka “e money,” rap knew that he was destined to make a difference,” the program stated. “And he certainly did.”

Ian and his daughter, Maddy, in a photo on the funeral program for Ian.
Ian and his daughter, Maddy, in a photo on the funeral program for Ian.

Ian leaves behind many family and friends, including his daughter, four siblings, a cousin who was like a sibling, and a niece.

While Ian’s life was cut short, his family and friends said they will forever remember him.

“Even though Ian is not present in physical form, his spiritual and emotional presence will exist forever,” the program said.

Ian’s death is one of several that have happened in our neighborhood recently, and the family friend who sent us the funeral program noted that, “something needs to be done about the violence in the neighborhood. It is getting really scary.”

After Ian was killed, two other men were fatally shot in our neighborhood: Adetunji Ajakaye, 25, was killed while sitting in his car at Newkirk Avenue and E. 17th Street last Wednesday, and Harold Abodia, 22, died after being shot in the head at 585 E. 21st Street, by Ditmas Avenue, last Monday.

These three deaths are part of a series of recent violent crimes in our area, including two men who were shot on Coney Island Avenue Monday night and a 33-year-old man, Jeffrey Middleton, was shot in the head on Flatbush Avenue in June. Adetunji’s death was the second fatal shooting at Newkirk and E. 17th Street in recent months; Raphael Kurton was fatally shot there at the end of May.

One arrest has been made in these crimes: Kyle Reneau, 26, was arrested and charged with the murder of Middleton.

If you knew Ian, or any of our neighbors who have recently lost their lives, and would like to share your memories, you can email us at editor@ditmasparkcorner.com.

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