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Record & Tape Center To Close After 42 Years


Record & Tape Center
You’ve only got a few weeks left to pick up some tunes from the Fifth Avenue Record and Tape Center, which is set to close once its lease expires in August. Owner Tony Mignone, 77, who opened the shop in 1972, has decided to call it quits after decades in the business.

As he explained to DNAinfo, Tony opened his first shop, selling collectibles like stamps and coins, nearby this space in 1965, and started selling records not long after. A former postal employee, he told the Daily News that it’s not the shop he’ll miss, but the customers.

Though he came close to closing in 2009, this time around it’s not an eviction notice, but the price of the rent that seems to be the issue — he says the rent was $250 when he first moved in, and now it’s at $3,250. Which, if you take a look at some of the prices of commercial spaces on 7th Avenue, seems like a good deal — but maybe not if you’re selling cassettes on the cheap.

And they are especially cheap now, as he’s looking to unload everything. So be sure to stop by, wish Tony well on his next move, and grab a couple records while you can.

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  1. So, this goes on every few years now? Record shop whines they are getting kicked out by big bad landlord, Park Slope community is outraged, makes fuss and then, miracle of miracles, record shop is able to stay open? Didn’t this just happen about 4 or 5 years ago?

  2. Tony signed a lease 5 years ago after the Landlord changed their minds. Now, They gave until December 31st. Landlord was told a petition was signed with about 200 signatures. People will be upset if they close the record store. The store fights to stay alive. DNA.INFO came to the store and then reported the store would close in August. This was an inaccurate report. At that time, Tony hadn’t even talked to the Landlord. This type of journalism doesn’t examine the facts.

  3. Record shop and landlord will discuss further. May get more extensions. Record shop may continue on after Tony retires.

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