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Recognize This Guy? Neighbors Say He’s Stealing From Their Yards



Reader Zaed M., a resident of Avenue Y near East 28th Street, asked us to pass along this photo of a man he and neighbors believe to be responsible for thefts from their yards. He writes:

Attached is an image of an individual looking through my property and who had stolen a wagon that belonged to my tenant. The wagon is a low dollar item but with the increase of crimes in sheepshead bay I wanted to see if we can share the photo with other sheepshead bite readers to make them aware of this individual.

Zaed said the police have been informed, a report filed. If you recognize the person in the image, police told Zaed’s tenant, call the 61st Precinct directly at (718) 627-6611.

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  1. Wondering about the legality or ethics of publishing a picture of someone who is now publicly identified as a criminal, someone who may be totally innocent. For all I know, Zaed M. might have a personal grudge against this guy and just want to screw him over. I hope nobody does this to me, but apparently there’s nothing to stop anyone from doing so.

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