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Rapid Repairs Program Extended! Now Accepting Applications Until January 14

Photo by Erica Sherman

Following demands from local pols in just about all of the communities hard hit by Superstorm Sandy, New York City has decided to extend the application period for its innovative Rapid Repairs program until Monday, January 14.

The program, originally slated to cease accepting applications on December 31, will now be open for an additional two weeks, allowing more time to apply for those overwhelmed with immediate recovery needs to get to the forms.

There is a caveat, though: the program will no longer accept online or telephone applications. Residents seeking to apply must do so in-person at a Disaster Recovery Center like the one that opened today at 3076 Emmons Avenue.

The reason for the in-person registration is that the city requires all applicants to sign a “Right of Entry” form before they visit the home. These forms are now the first step in the process, and the in-person requirement will hopefully speed up repair work.

Rapid Repairs connects residents with registered contractors, and funnels FEMA funds directly to the work – allowing repairs to be done more quickly, and without any out-of-pocket payment by the resident. The repairs are limited to restoring essential services like heat, hot water and power, and also providing the bare minimum to live safely in the dwelling.

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  1. been registered with rapid repairs for over a month now. my father is a senior citizen and home bound. rapid repairs has still not shown up.

  2. if people get insurance $ to pay for repairing the heating and electrical systems, will NYC ask the $ for the homeowners after they get $ from insurance? Will people be allowed to double dip. Get $ from insurance companies and get the same work for free from NYC?

  3. My co-op board said they had trouble with FEMA. As they explained it, FEMA had no idea (legally) what a co-op was, there was nothing in their rules about a co-op, and had no idea how to give assistance (money) to a co-op. I don’t know what the latest on this is. Maybe someone else in a co-op has more information? If this stands, i’m in for a whopping assessment/maintenance increase…

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