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Rapid Repairs Fixes 10,000 Storm Ravaged Homes

Photo by Erica Sherman

The city’s post-Sandy Rapid Repairs project got off to a shaky start, leaving many residents vexed by the stop-and-start progress of the program, but as we reported last month, Rapid Repairs began to kick into high gear. They have since reached a huge milestone by repairing approximately 10,000 Sandy damaged homes, according to a report from the Times Union.

The Rapid Repairs program, which is a collaborative effort between the city and FEMA, employed thousands of contractors and construction workers to repair people’s homes for free. Their focus was on restoring basic services like electricity, heat and hot water.

While the progress made by Rapid Repairs has been impressive, the Mayor promised that thousands more homes will continue to get service in the coming weeks.

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  1. i registered with them over a month ago and all i get from the is the run around. every day they call me saying they will show up tomorrow. i give up with them. and its not just me its a half dozen of my friends also. almost hard to believe they repaired 10,000 homes with the response they gave me.

  2. i love how it’s “free” ….riiiiiight. every single tax payer is paying for these repairs, even those not affected by Sandy. I don’t mind helping those affected by Sandy, but these politicians shouldn’t claim something is “free” and try to sound all honorable and righteous – contractors and businesses don’t work for free. Everyone needs to get paid.

  3. Yeah there fixing house when they want!!!!! There are 10 Houses on Lake ave that have pipes that are broken due to the cold & waiting for rapid to heat these houses up!!!!! Now these people have to pay out of pocket for the repairs, If they were so rapid this would have never happen!


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