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Randazzo’s Expanding To Coney Island?

Photo by: BSH Shooter

Amusing the Zillion recently reported that Sheepshead Bay-institution Randazzo is contemplating opening up a second location in Coney Island at Cha Cha’s old spot on the boardwalk.  But it’s not without obstacles. ATZ states that “Ferrari, CEO of Zamperla USA and Luna Park, told them ‘a Boardwalk restaurant/bar hoping to get a lease renewal would have had to make a million dollar investment.'”

Does Randazzo’s have that kind of scratch? “ATZ asked Joey Randazzo if they were contemplating a $1 million investment at Cha Cha’s location. He said it could be half a million or a million, they’re not sure yet.”

While we’re all for business expansion and want to see the Coney Island boardwalk filled with local Brooklyn businesses, we’re wondering, would a second Randazzo’s be good for Sheepshead Bay? Should Randazzo’s Coney Island be a replica of our neighborhood institution? Or should the Randazzos forget the Coney Island deal and put that “half a million or a million” into improvements at the current joint? What say you?

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  1. Not so sure why we’re making such a big deal about Randazzo’s.  Its not all that good anymore.  Maybe Joey Randazzo should worry a little less about raising his prices every 3 months and a little more about bringing back the qaulity Randazzo offered 5 – 10 years ago.

  2. Was that fabulous lobster bisque from Randazzo??? I was out of this world.
    I loved the place for the simple shrimp on a biscuit with mild sauce.
    I think the establishment can be shared with CI. When they pull in the $ ( because Ci gets more tourists) they can improve the “original” Randazzo’s.
    It won’t work out as well in reverse.

  3. i think that would be an astronomical business idea. and yes i did notice the prices have raised over the last 3 years but i also understand that all prices go hand and hand with increased fuel prices. it is honestly a great thing to see a neighborhood landmark expanding. and if they do make their investment there i cant wait to try it out… i happen to spend a lot of time on the beach in the summer. cant wait to get out of the water and have a dozen clams and a beer.

  4. Well, it’s better than  the shit (sorry, but that’s what it is) that passes for food up there right now.

      I’ve been very vocal in hoping that those rotting structures on the boardwalk and their filthy food (and clientele) get replaced by decent businesses. I’ve been waiting for some sort of renewal and/or renovation since the place started running down in  the 70’s. Now it’s almost arrived, and I have to listen to people such as some rich bitch who comes from Scarsdale and posts on facebook that she likes it the way it is, how can they knock these places down. Sure, she comes here once a year to laugh at the filth (otherwise known as honky-tonk), then goes back to her fancy establishments. I’d love to build Cha-Cha’s and its sticky tables (don’t ask) right next to her home and laugh about how honky-tonk it is. Coney is synonymous with entertainment. It should not be synonymous with urine and dirt.

    I don’t frequent Randazzos so often, but it’s still okay by me to be up on that boardwalk. By the way, the boardwalk food itself is overpriced, so i’m not so sure Randazzos will even outprice them (also considering realtive quality). I welcome Randazzos or any such business. Coney Island desperately needs it.

       Sorry to beat around the bush.

  5. Are Ruby’s and Paul’s Daughter run down? Yes, but they’re not filthy. Both have consistently gotten A ratings from the board of health.  As for them being run down, sure they are. All the boardwalk businesses have been on year-to-year leases for decades. If YOU owned a business and didn’t know if you’d be back the next year, would YOU do any improvements? I don’t think so.

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