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Quiet Gravesend Block Defaced With Gang Graffiti, Cops Shrug

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Residents of a sleepy, treelined block in Gravesend woke up this morning to find their homes and cars vandalized with graffiti that appears to be associated with a particularly ruthless drug gang.

At around 8:30am, we found confused neighbors standing outside their homes on East 2nd Street near Avenue X in house dresses and slippers, trying to decipher the blue scrawlings, which identified several organized crime groups, including the California-based Sureños” (SUR 13), and called out a group called the Warrios (perhaps a reference to the fictional Coney Island Warriors?).

“It says ‘fuck Surenos.’ What does Surenos mean anyway?” demanded one woman.

“They’re marking their territories. That’s how I interpret it,” said a man, who asked to remain anonymous out of fear of retaliation.

Photo by Bensonhurst Bean
Photo by Bensonhurst Bean

As we’ve reported, Sureños, also known as the 18th Street gang, are one of the fastest growing crime rings in America, expanding across 32 states, including parts of New York City:

Here in New York, MS-13s have a very strong presence in Queens and they are currently the largest street gang in Long Island, according to the U.S. Attorneys Office. Since 2003, more than 250 MS-13 members, including dozens of gang leaders, were convicted on federal felony charges in the city — more than 150 of them on federal racketeering charges.

Since 2010 alone, more than 35 MS-13 members were convicted in New York for their roles in 20 different murders. Most recently, three teens — alleged members of MS-13 — were charged with the brutal gang rape of a 16-year-old girl in Long Island, according to news reports.

Neighbors say at least four people called the police in relation to the East 2nd Street vandals, and at around 9am, we saw an NYPD Smart Car drive up the block. However, despite frantic waving from distraught home owners, the cruiser didn’t stop.

The NYPD’s press office told us that no official complaint has been filed, though the NYPD’s 61st Precinct responded to a request for comment at around 1pm today, thanking us for bringing the incident to their attention.

“The report has been taken. From the graffiti, it appears to be associated with the Surenos 13 gang. It is under investigation. As of right now we have nothing further,” wrote 61st Precinct Community Affairs Officer Danny Chiu in an email.

Photo by Bensonhurst Bean
Photo by Bensonhurst Bean

In a similar incident last summer, graffiti associated with Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) and SUR 13 were seen scribbled on New Utrecht Avenue buildings in Bensonhurst as well as on the 86th Street Marshall’s department store.

At the time, police sources told us there were no known gangs in the area.

“There hasn’t been any organized gang structures in the area, however, when you see tags and you see graffiti that reference things, it raises a concern and we are looking to interview anyone who might have information,” said 62nd Precinct Commanding Officer Captain Anthony Sanseverino at the time.

According to a recent NYPD data map from the New York Daily News, gang activity is rather sparse in southern Brooklyn. The only active gangs in Gravesend or Bensonhurst, according to the map, are the “Marlboro Houses Hat Boys” — obviously concentrated at the Marlboro Houses — and a speck on 20th Avenue and 86th Street, indicating the alleged turf of the “Cropsey Crew.”

Domenic Recchia's law office wasn't spared in the vandalism spree. (Photo by Bensonhurst Bean)
Domenic Recchia’s law office wasn’t spared in the vandalism spree. (Photo by Bensonhurst Bean)

One neighbor told us he suspected the graffiti was the handiwork of local kids trying to feign toughness by associating themselves with ruthless drug lords.

“I’m sure there aren’t Mexican drug gangs that are 18 years old, running around the neighborhood, spray painting in the middle of the night. It’s like saying I’m Al Capone’s buddy, you know what I mean?” he said.

Among the targets of the graffiti spree was the East 2nd Street-facing wall of former City Councilman Domenic Reccia’s law office, located at 172 Gravesend Neck Road. A secretary at the office said Recchia was not in today, and that she had not noticed the spray paint.

“I came in from the other way,” she said.ELG 13

Photo by Bensonhurst Bean
Photo by Bensonhurst Bean
Photo by Bensonhurst Bean
Photo by Bensonhurst Bean
Photo by Bensonhurst Bean

Clarification: An earlier version of this article classified Sur 13 as a Mexican gang. They are not from Mexico, rather, they are a California-based gang, that is aligned with the Mexican Mafia, a Mexican American organized crime organization. We sincerely regret any confusion this error may have caused.

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  1. Grow some balls Brooklyn , My time this would never happen , but the ass hole kids today hang with them and let them do this shit , Kids want to be tough only around there friends , you let the Mexicans IN THE HOOD NOW YOU CAN’T GET THEM OUT

  2. Back when I grew up this stuff would never happen. All the Italian kids from Ave U, Ave X and Kings Highway would never let this go on.

  3. No, the Italian kids back then would have been protecting their right to graffiti the neighborhood. 86th Street, back in the 80s, was practically an art gallery (if you are one of those people who define graffiti as “art”). If it wasn’t the Italian kids painting all those storefront gates, they weren’t doing a very good job of never letting this go on.

  4. Fuck you racist prick not all mexicans are the same youre just a piece of shit. And an idiot drowned in ignorance. Dumb fuck.

  5. joed According to the police, there is no evidence of any Mexican gang activity in the neighborhood. In all likelihood, it’s some other group of kids trying be tough.

    As for “letting” any ethnic group into any neighborhood, it’s against the law to discriminate when selling or renting out property. As long as the incoming people can pay the rent, they can live here.

  6. In “your time” crime was almost certainly higher than today unless you are very, very old. Given how well you type that’s a possibility.

  7. Now why would you talk to me like that did I a fend you . I don’t think so . So why don’t you kill yourself you fuckin moron loser

  8. What are you a dick what the fuck did I say that was raciest you ass hole . grow some balls is not be raciest . WHAT i mean in my comment is like look for the ass hole and kick there fuckin ass you fuck dick raciest mother fuck loser

  9. Bensonhurst has become a zoo…..glad I left to live in a clean, quiet, English speaking town.

  10. The story is about Gravesend, not Bensonhurst. Graffiti in Bensonhurst is way down since the 80s and 90s.

  11. I don’t care too much about the graffiti…..it has become a third world country. If my father was still alive he would be ashamed to see what it has become.

  12. Nonsense. I’ve been in my current home for 20 years, and its a great community. There are finally vibrant businesses along 86th Street, where in the 80s there were empty storefronts. Home prices are skyrocketing because the new owners are investing insane amounts of money to improve their properties. My home used to be the showplace of my block. Now, it’s not nearly as nice as my Asian neighbors; homes, but my property value has tripled in the past few years.

  13. Its tripled because the Chinese are buying up everything.
    Again, I’m happier living among born Americans that speak our language.

  14. Hold on, “clean, quiet, English-speaking?” I see neighbors walk their dogs but leave the crap, argue in the middle of the night in “fluent” English, and elderly people speak Italian as they walk down sidewalks…does that also bother you, or it’s just people who do not look like you? I am an American who was born and raised here, and I speak/write English better than I do Cantonese Chinese, but if we cross paths, that will automatically annoy you? Talk about xenophobia, man…yikes.

    The neighborhood has definitely changed, but it’s not a third world country by any means (besides, it was never “high-end” or “posh” from the beginning). This community is home to immigrants from many different places, not just people from Italy. True, Italians have shaped it greatly and given Bensonhurst identity, but others have also contributed (e.g. Chinese, Mexicans, Muslims, Russians). Have some respect for other cultures that are not Italian.

    The insinuation that Chinese people’s buying property is bringing in
    crime around here is nonsense. I do not know how you made that
    correlation exactly, but please do not scapegoat.

  15. What language? You mean this bastard language we are forced to bark at each other all day and to asshats like you called “English” ?

  16. Nothing wrong with an ethnically diverse neighborhood. We’ve got Italians, Irish, Asians of various nationalities, Jews, Russians, Middle Easterners. Best place to raise children so they grow up the way Americans are supposed to be – worldly and tolerant.

    BTW, English is losing ground quickly as the most spoken language in America. And, since America has no official language, there is no such thing as “our language”.

    No one here misses any bigots who moved away. All you’ve done is make this an even better place to live.

  17. HA! “Bastard language” indeed. It is funny how so many “Americans” think English is superior to all other languages when it wouldn’t exist except for having stolen most of its words from other languages. Well played, Random Chinese American, well played.

  18. You don’t even know what bigot means.
    Have you seen the word “hate” any where in my posts??
    I notice you have Italians listed as #1…..go walk up 18th avenue and try to find them. That is if you know how beautiful 18th avenue used to be.

  19. I do not think he really cared about the order in which he listed them…that is a irrelevant/trivial detail.

    I am sure it was beautiful then but that doesn’t mean it’s a dump now, just because it has evolved. Instead of seeing Bensonhurst’s changing demographics as a great tragedy, why not accept all people? Everyone’s a human being anyway.

  20. “Bigot” a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions. If you can’t bring yourself to be happy living with people who are different than you, then you are a bigot. Bigotry isn’t about hatred in the bared-teeth, screaming form. It’s about not being tolerant, which you are not.

    I grew up around here, and know what 18th Avenue once was. Still plenty of Italian businesses there – pizza places, bakeries, record stores, etc. The 18th Avenue Feast – a very Italian tradition – is still a going concern, though in more trouble because of political matters than demographics.

  21. What does opinions have to do with this??
    You don’t friggin’ know me….I respect opinions.
    That has nothing to do with my home neighborhood becoming unreconizable.

  22. Evolve?
    And now a question: How many Chinese adults make an effort to learn the native tongue?

  23. There is no native tongue in America. Or rather, there were 100s of native tongues until Europeans wiped many of them out of existence. There is no requirement under American law that English is required. In fact, both Congress and the Supreme Court have made it clear that making accommodations to foreign language speakers is required under American law.

  24. The new people in the community have opinions about how they should run their businesses, what language they are comfortable speaking, how they maintain their homes, etc. But you don’t respect their opinions on these matters. I may not always agree with their opinions, but I respect their right to hold those opinions, as I disagree with you, but respect your right to hold your opinions. I have lived here, before and after the change, and the neighborhood is entirely recognizable. I still have an ethnically diverse community around me, as I had previously, and honestly, it’s better now than it was before.

  25. Honestly, quit being so condescending. How are you a New Yorker when you hate hearing any language besides English, man? This city celebrates great diversity, and many New Yorkers come from or are immigrants themselves. It is fine having pride in your own ethnic group/nationality, but when you start acting like yours is superior and looking at others with derision, then that is an issue.

    From the looks of it, you do not know any Chinese people and probably do not intend to because you think that they all are unwilling to communicate in English. Let me tell you that many Chinese adults living in Bensonhurst are adequate in English…not fluent to your liking, because you appear to only accept people who speak “perfect” American English without any accents (funny, because Italian-Americans have a very distinguished accent that other Americans find hard to understand), but they can hold conversations. However, the elderly are not (give them a break though…many elderly Italians also probably clung to their native tongues when they arrived in America).

    Learn to be more open-minded, because New York is a melting pot with different people…if you hold narrow-minded views, you will be miserable here.

  26. For someone who “respects opinions,” you just laughed and pretty much scoffed at mine above…funny way of showing respect.

  27. I lived in Bensonhurst for over 45 years. I have had friends of all nationalities. That has nothing to do with immigrants not willing to learn the language and COMMUNICATE with their neighbors and customers.

  28. “Home” isn’t China for me. I was born and raised here in New York City, so naturally I use English. Though I recognize a few characters from Chinese school lessons, this makes as much sense as Klingon to me, truthfully.

  29. Of course because I’m an American. I take time every November (as well as every Sunday) to thank the Good Lord for the blessings he’s given to my family. Better than being American though, I’m a born-and-bred Brooklynite.

  30. Nope. 50 just recently. I lived here, went to school here, hung out here, and cruised 86th Street back in the early 80s. I know exactly what I’m talking about. Back then, the storefronts were empty and graffiti covered (hey, look – we’re back on topic!). Now the storefronts are all occupied, and bustling with more shoppers than 86th Street saw in the 70s. And back then, it really was pretty much a homogeneous culture, essentially Italian (like 50% of me). Today, I can get a much broader array of food items, and my kids have been able to get to know people of a wider variety of backgrounds than I ever met in my childhood. When I was young, none of my friends wanted to study abroad. Now, every kid wants to check out new places and cultures. Bensonhurst is a great place to raise worldly, open-minded, community-oriented children.

  31. I don’t know about you, but I have no trouble communicating with my neighbors or local business owners, and I only speak English. They all understand the basics, and with a little effort, can understand most ordinary conversational topics. If things get too complicated, there is always someone nearby who is willing to translate. It’s actually easier to talk to many of the Asians around here than it was to communicate with my Sicilian grandparents.

  32. Have you ever seen an Asian, Mexican, muslim or Russian ever display an American flag on a patriotic holiday. I don’t think so. But they do know about welfare,, food stamps ,Medicaid. Their nothing like the immigrants that came over from Europe in the early 1900s.

  33. I have. My block is about 50% Asian, 50% not. My former Muslim neighbor, Mo, who owned the local bodega where everyone shopped flew the American flag every day after 9/11. Bigots still broke his windows, harassed him in his store until he moved to Jersey (built himself a really lovely house with the money he made off those idiots). His house is now owned by a very nice Chinese family who throw the most elaborate July 4 BBQs on the block. Very patriotic family. But, I am the only one the block of any ethnicity who flies the flag on national holidays – and that includes my several Italian neighbors.

    In the early 1900s, America didn’t have the extensive welfare system that it has now. We (i.e.: Americans) passed laws to help people who come here with nothing. If they avail themselves of the services we legalized, there is no shame in that.

  34. Is that statement a fact, or just an ignorant assumption? Italian-Americans display the Italian flag in front of their businesses/homes, and they drove around waving the flag when Italy won the
    World Cup in 2006…does that mean that they have no loyalty to America? I bet the answer’s no.

    Like how Italian-Americans carry both the American and Italian flags during Christopher Columbus Day parades, the Chinese carry both the American and Chinese flags during Lunar New Year Festival parades…you can find images online. They may not overtly show their patriotic side as whites, but that does not mean they do not appreciate America any less than any American.

    I think you have a negative bias toward new immigrants. They work as hard as the European immigrants from 1900s, and while some use welfare, not all of them do. Furthermore, you have to take into account that government aid was not even an option back in the old days, so comparing new immigrants to old ones is like comparing apples and oranges, quite honestly. It does not mean that the former are leeches and feed off American taxpayers’ money…I myself come from middle class immigrant parents who both have jobs and they do not rely on government aid; besides, statistics show Asian-Americans are the ethnic group with the highest median income in America, and contrary to popular belief, African-Americans are not the ones who use most food stamps…it is their white counterparts.

    I give you the same message that I give to Black Adam and anyone who thinks new immigrants are useless…get off your high horse, have respect for other cultures.

  35. Please let me know where I can find an American flag displayed in front of an Asian ,muslim, or Russian home ,I would like to take a picture of it.

  36. The commenter Sean F already gave an example of Asians and Muslims’ assimilating in Bensonhurst, but clearly there is no point in talking about tolerance with someone whose mind is stuck in the 1900s and only considers whites “real Americans.” Here’s news flash for you: one does not have to stick a big American flag in front of their homes to show they love America…whites don’t all do it (do you even do it?), so I am not exactly sure why you are holding non-white immigrants to that standard. If you consider this as the only way to prove loyalty and patriotism to America, you have a shallow and very surface way of thinking.

    If you even bothered to read my previous post above, you would see that I also gave an example of Chinese-Americans holding the American flag: Google “Chinese New Year NYC Parade”…you will see many carrying your dearly beloved flag.

  37. Well said, Emerald5Forever. The other thing I notice that many people wont’ mention is all of the people who do fly the flag, but fly horribly damaged flags for years on end. The country has a flag code about how and when flags are to be flown, and when they are not, and most “patriotic Americans” don’t follow it. Tattered flags flying unlit at night in the rain? That’s not patriotic. Better to not fly the flag at all then to disrespect it and the country like that.

    BTW, I noticed this morning that one of my neighbors is flying several Italian flags. Is there some sort of soccer tournament going on?

  38. Does celebrating Thanksgiving makes you American? Does hanging an American flag in front of your door makes you American? Does hating other race makes you American?

  39. 1–I don’t celebrate any holiday…..especially bastardized Cristmas.
    2–I don’t own an American flag……I don’t own any flag.
    3–Why do you hate other races? I know I never said I did.
    4–Shut your pie hole and go learn 5 new languages…that is your homework for today.

  40. OK, so clearly we know you are not Mikey from the Life cereal commercials. You don’t seem to like anything.

    You don’t need to use the word “hate” for hate to be obvious. You hate what you think Bensonhurst has become. You hate people who don’t speak English. It’s all there in your posts, whether you think your rhetoric covers it or not.

  41. I live in Bensonhurst and the majority of my immigrant neighbors, Asian, Russian and Muslims all had flags flying last July 4th and some had it out this past Memorial Day. Very few are on any kind of government assistance. This is the truth and you can check and verify it. They are just as decent as the immigrants who came before them.

  42. Just on July 4th walk down any residential street in Bensonhurst. I hope you have lots of film in your camera.

  43. The Chinese, my neighbors work very hard to learn English. The English classes for immigrants in Bensonhurst have long waiting lists. On the subway you will see Chinese studying

  44. “film”? HA!!

    (OK, there… I made a joke about Debra using the word “film”. Now the nitpickers don’t have to derail the discussion by focusing on that tangent.)

  45. The area needs some good graffiti and not these “tags”. Coney Island has a really good exhibit going on right now just outside of Nathans. A bunch of top line artists went and did ‘pop-up walls’ around some food trucks and music. (D*Face, RETNA, Buff Monster and others). Even Os Gemeos has done a wall in Coney Island. Fairey did one last summer.
    My only wish is that Shepard Fairey (Obey), Banksy, Mr. Brainwash, Faile and the rest all start using south Brooklyn walls more, not just Williamsburg. There is so many beautiful spots out here, but they are filled with disgusting tags that bring down property values. We need art, not property defacement.

  46. Here’s the problem with that: organized exhibitions, where the artists have been invited to paint their murals are fine. Graffiti is, by definition, illegal because the criminals (not artists) are painting on other people’s property without permission. I’ve got no problem with artists who get permission to paint murals, but I think property owners should be able to treat people who make graffiti like any other thief, vandal or trespasser who enters their property uninvited.

  47. Except when the artist I mentioned above come and put it on your property. It then makes your property extremely more valuable. A big new Banksy on the side of your house and it goes up $1-2million instantly. Your lack of knowledge about street art is showing. Can’t call someone a thief or vandal if they GIVE you money and value.

  48. If Banksy managed to paint something on the side of my house without me seeing him and running him off with a baseball bat, his crap would be painted over within minutes of my discovering it. He’s a vandal, not an artist. Just because a bunch of hipster morons think his stuff is worth something doesn’t mean I wouldn’t scrap it off like the dog-doo it really is.

    And I do have a degree in art.

  49. let me know where I can see one of these flags on an Asian Russian or muslim home. would love to see this !

  50. First john hughes, now you…please read my above comment in response to john hughes who said the same thing.

    Few things I wanna address:
    – The xenophobia keeps coming, lol…
    – Is there an obsession among Italian-Americans with American flags that I do not know about, because you and another commenter talk about nothing except this.
    – There is an Italian flag displayed outside my neighbor’s house, so is that considered unpatriotic?
    – Let’s see your flag first.

  51. You can no longer read the signs on store fronts. There all in Asian, Russian or Arabic. Bensonhurst is becoming a third world country.

  52. Then you must not be very literate in English john hughes because there are very few stores in Bensonhurst that don’t have English language signage.

    Russia and Asia are second world, not third world. These are terms that actually mean something. The least you can do, if you are going to be a bigot, is try to sound like you know what you are talking about.

  53. It is comments like these that show a person has never traveled abroad
    and seen the world outside of the small community he lives in.

    Lots of these store fronts have dual languages including English. I cannot recall having stopped in front of a business and not being able to find out what its goods and/or services are based on the name of the place, so your argument is invalid.

    Love how you assume non-English languages mean third world country. If there are Italian signs, can we also say that it contributes to an image of a “third world country?”

  54. since you brought it up the percentage of blacks on welfare is so much higher compared to the percentage of whites, check your facts.

  55. You must be dreaming. Please let me know where you seen all these flags I would like to see this for myself. Let me know what block you are talking about .This Monday is July 4th. I’d bet you can count on one hand the amount of flags you could find flown by these immigrants you are talking about.

  56. Go to any block from West 1st Street to Bay Parkway on both sides of Kings Highway and you will see flags displayed. Most of the homeowners are Asian, Russian or Muslim and you do not have to wait for July 4th.

  57. If you go down any block in Gravesend or Bensonhurst you will see flags put out. I guarantee you will see many flags- one hand will just account for one side of the street on one block. Just walk through both of these neighborhoods and you do not have to wait for July 4th.

  58. I decided to check it out. I walked down 18th Avenue from 65th Street until 86th Street and every Russian and Chinese business had bilingual signage. I really thought I might find one that did not, but that was not the case.

  59. You’d be wrong about the number of flags they fly, but the last thing I’d ever do is give out the addresses of my Asian, Russian or Arabic neighbors to a bigot like you. I saw what people like you did to my Muslim neighbor’s home and store after 9-11, despite the fact that he was a beloved shop owner in the neighborhood, and was flying the American flag, and vocally denouncing the events of that day.

  60. Thank you for sharing this; people here need to stop being obstinate and think that their ignorant thinking is the absolute right way of thinking.

  61. what have Chinese, mexicans and muslims done for this country ? what have they contributed? Have they ever invented anything that contributed to mankind.

  62. You have got to be kidding us, john hughes. You can’t possibly be that ignorant. The Chinese built our railroads, which permitted America to achieve “Manifest Destiny”. They invented papermaking, the compass, gunpowder, and printing (both woodblock and movable type), among many other things.

    The Mexicans supported the American Colonies throughout the Revolution. They invented or discovered popcorn, rubber (Vulcanization and the related chewing gum and balloons), compulsory education for both boys and girls, tobacco smoking, and chocolate, among others. Cesar Chavez, a Mexican-American, was instrumental in the labor and civil rights movements.

    Muslim Americans designed the Sears (now Willis) and Hancock towers in
    Chicago, developed the chemotherapy mechanism that treats brain tumors
    and revolutionized this country’s original art form: jazz. They also
    contribute through their service as educators, lawmakers and soldiers
    and are on the front lines of campaigns to end some of today’s most egregious civil rights abuses. Prior to that, they invented hospitals, surgery, universities, algebra, optics and the toothbrush.

    Keep digging john hughes. Even a broken watch is right twice a day. Some day, you may be right just once.

  63. I decided I am not going to respond to any more of your ridiculous posts…you are obviously a troll or a very misguided/uninformed individual…please pick up a book or a newspaper to read.

  64. You are a better person than I am, Emerald5Forever. I’m a teacher by nature (if not currently by occupation). It’s very hard for me to let ignorance go unchallenged.

  65. You seem to have a problem with Italian americans, You keep pointing them out to make a point. By the way my Italian American neighbors are proud to show their love for this country by displaying American flags on holidays much more than any other nationality.

  66. Both Emerald5Foverever and I use Italian Americans as examples because most of the people complaining about Asians, Russians and Muslims seem to think this was a better neighborhood when it was primarily Italian American. There is no difference between these new immigrant groups and the Italian Americans who used to be the majority here. (For the record, I am a native-born American, native-born Brooklynite of Irish-Italian descent.)

    And, I hate to say it, but none of my Italian neighbors fly the American flag on holidays. One is currently flying two Italian flags. This doesn’t make them bad people, just as it doesn’t make any Asian, Russian or Muslim a bad person if they don’t fly an American flag.

    This obsession that flying the flag makes one an American only came about after 9/11. Before that (with the exception of 1976), very few people flew the flag on a regular basis. I was raised to honor my country, and as a former Scout leader, know how to respect the flag by flying it correctly and decently.

  67. Over on Sheepshead Bites, there is a KKK creep who constantly uses racist comments, And then uses the names of the people who respond to his filth. And then uses more of his racist rant.

  68. Hm, does he go by the name of “Rabbi approved?” There was a user by that name who also used racist comments on Bensonhurst Bean, but he has been banned…contact the site administrator of Sheepshead Bites to report him.

  69. HEY Emerald now that the 4th of July weekend is here I will check to see how many of my Chinese neighbors display an American flag. so far I have not seen even one.75%of The homes on my block are owned by Chinese. How can they not show some respect for the country they now call home.The only homes displaying American flags are owned by Italians.

  70. But it’s not actually the 4th of July yet. I haven’t flown my flag yet this weekend because I knew I wouldn’t be around to take it down at sunset. And this whole flag obsession is silly. Plenty of non-immigrant people fly their flags 24/7, in all weather, and at night without a light, until the flag is tattered filthy. That’s not patriotism. That is disrespect, and worse than never flying the flag at all.

  71. It just occurred to me that, even if every one of your Asian neighbors flew the flag, built a 20 ft tall statue of Uncle Sam and sang the Star Spangled Banner together in perfect harmony, you’d still be complaining that they were unAmerican. Time to give it up, johnhughes, and stop with your ridiculous bigotry.

    I’d say you were an embarrassment to the neighborhood, but you’re not. You’re just an embarrassment to yourself.

  72. Joed where did you learn such beautiful language You have a loose wire, you talk like a piece of shit that you are, gutter man who the fuck do you think you are? you must be a dumb mother fucker yourself, come on take it like a man you punk. talk about being a loser, man you are it in spades. Go crawl under a rock and curse at all the people you hate. And learn to spell dummy.

  73. They didn’t have those programs you mentioned No Medicaid no food stamps, these programs started under President Lyndon Johnson, mid 60’s Every program that has helped form the middle class has been done by the Democrats, not the Republicans. The party of the super rich & the NRA.

  74. Didn’t know you are a mind reader Sean. Asking a neighborhood to show a little patriotism on American holidays does not make one a bigot. My asian neighbors happen to be very nice people. I also don’t expect people to follow American flag protocol since we are not in the military. If our diverse community come together patriotically maybe we wouldn’t have the acts of terrorism we have today.

  75. I don’t need to read minds. You have denigrated their patriotism, denied their contributions to the nation and the world, and incorrectly referred to them as third world. You walk like a duck, and quack like a duck, that’s how we all know you are a bigot.

    The U.S. flag code does not pertain solely to the military. It is the governing system that defines appropriate and inappropriate display and handling of the flag. Failing to folliw it is equivalent to pissing on the flag or setting it on fire

    And now you are linking Asian, Russian and Muslim flag display to terrorism? Quack, quck, johnhughes. You have to be as big a bigot as any I’ve seen since Rabbi approved was banned.

  76. does your black neighbors get angry at you for not celebrating MLK birthday? that’s an american holiday. how about columbus day? that’s another american holiday.

    stop being so preoccupied with how “american” others are. chances are, some of your neighbors probably may more taxes than you and contribute more to america than you.

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