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Qathra’s Backyard Opens With A Reboot

Qathra Backyard
For the past while, this was the view through the back doors at Qathra (1112 Cortelyou Road between Stratford and Westminster Roads)–but perhaps in celebration of spring after a particularly awful winter, the cafe has chosen to go a brighter way of things. We’ve seen the crew working on the yard over the past several weeks, and yesterday’s weather made it the perfect time to get a closer look.

qathra backyard
The wood beams and fence that frame the yard are now electric blue, as are Qathra’s outdoor tables and many of the chairs. Blue and white accented seating has also been added along the perimeter of the yard, and the mural on the back wall has been expanded to two more sides of the area.

qathra backyard
This isn’t the only recent change at the coffee shop–inside, a few standard tables for two have been swapped out with longer, taller tables and bar height stools. Assuming you haven’t given up on the cafe because of its weekend laptop policy, what do you think?

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  1. It looks great! Spent the afternoon in the backyard yesterday. So excited to enjoy the neighborhood in fairer weather!

  2. Little sad they covered the lower half of the back mural, but looking great! Always nice to have outdoor spaces when the weather’s nice. So when will Sycamore’s backyard open up again?

  3. Sycamore is still working with the DOB, but it seems like they might be approaching the finish line–so you can probably expect to be leisurely enjoying beers on their new back porch this summer.

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