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Q Train Operating Between Kings Highway, Manhattan, Queens (Updated)


UPDATE (8:30 p.m.): The Q is now running all the way to Ditmars Boulevard in Queens from Kings Highway. That should make the morning commute a little easier… if you can get to Kings Highway.

Original post:

According to Notify NYC, the Q train is now operating with limited service between Kings Highway and downtown Brooklyn.

Northbound Q trains are running between Kings Highway and Atlantic Avenue.

Southbound Q trains run between Jay Street and Kings Highway.

It’s not the news we were all hoping for when a full restoration was mentioned for yesterday afternoon, but we’ve heard there were unexpected problems, and at least this is a start to getting back on track.

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  1. I am trying to calculate how many hours it would take me to get to work on 68 and Madison. This is crazy! This limited Q service is not helping. For me there might as well be no service at all. I have to be at work by 6:45 am the latest.

  2. The MTA is working around the clock. There’s still hope that full service will be restored by tomorrow morning.

  3. What drives me crazy is that they don’t give us any real info. What “unexpected problems”? Track issues? Signal problems? If you’re going to deprive me of my way to Manhattan, at least give me some info!

  4. It confused me for a second too, but they’re talking about the station formerly known as Lawrence Street, one stop north of DeKalb Avenue. They renamed it a couple of years ago after the new transfer passageway between the R and the A,C,F opened.

  5. By the way, according to the MTA Web page, there’s now direct service on the F into Manhattan. It’s running between Avenue X and 179th Street, but a couple of stations are closed in midtown and Queens.

  6. Some areas of Sheepshead Bay, Brighton Beach, and Coney Island still don’t have power. Perhaps that’s affecting service between Stillwell and Kings Highway. Not sure what the hold up is beyond Atlantic Ave. Fingers crossed for tomorrow’s commute.

  7. I was just down at the Sheepshead Bay station and since it was flooded none of the machines, booths or turn-things are working since they shorted out. I’m not sure if that has to do with anything. But that was the reason the agent was giving at the door.

  8. There is an express bus BM3 that goes to 57th and Madison, but it costs double fare, has been extremely crowded and doesn’t run very often, especially during very early morning hours. You might want to try taking the Nostrand Ave bus to Brooklyn College/Flatbush Ave and then take the 5 train to 59th and Lex.

  9. They are. Despite the serious problems with service I think they are honestly doing the absolute best they can. In fact I am afraid that one of these busses will get into an accident because the drivers are so exhausted.

  10. It took me over two hours getting to and from midtown from sheepshead bay via the BM3 express bus last week. An almost 5 hour commute total. I’m looking for a faster way. Just wondering if people are taking the F train to the shuttle bus? Is this any quicker?

  11. Thank you bagels for the information. Will have to go that way to Rockerfella Center 50th & 6th. Its a 2 block walk not bad.

  12. I am going to try the BM 3 on Monday morning. I know it is a cranky route even in good times, but if I get going after peak rush hour, maybe I can keep the ride to under 2 hours. I have found it a useful backup plan during times the Q and B are under snowfall. Does anyone here know wherre the BM3 starts in Bklyn? I’d like to get to its origin and maybe get a seat (hope)

  13. Thank you for the information. For me to get to nostrand from y and east 13 by bus or walk and then all the way to Brooklyn college will probably take over three hours to get to work I would probably need to be on the street by latest 3:30 am. This is insane. I am not sure i feel safe by myself at night. My husband also needs to go to work but not as early as me so I would have to be by myself.

  14. GMaps is now showing the Q “available” to go into midtown from Sheepshead (this afternoon it gave me only busses). That’s a news.. Have seen people working inside the station this afternoon and hope to get to work by Q tomorrow morning…

  15. I hear ya. I’m also concerned about leaving for the 20 minute trek, in the dark, to Kings Hwy to catch the Q. I’ll have to walk with a knife in my pocket. Not pleased.

  16. They just updated saying Q will be going from kings highway to Astoria . I wonder if there will be shuttles from sheepshead bay to kings highway. Am I crazy for thinking that?

  17. unfortuntaely, the express bus schedules are not currently on line. The MTA seems to have truncated the site due to the hurricane emergency.

  18. Click the URL for the sched that I provided, when the link opens just cut and paste the full URL as it appears in the address bar (paste it to the search bar in

  19. You would probably be better off taking the (F) from McDonald/”X” to Herald Sq for the (N).

    If you took the B44 from Nost/”Y” to Nost/Flatbush (FB) and then the (2) to Franklin Ave for the (4) or (5) to 42nd (not 59th & Lex unless you just want to walk all the way from there to work) for the (6) to 68th & Lex, you would be looking at a two hour trip or two-hour + 15-minute trip.

    Same thing if you took the (5) straight from Nost/FB to 42nd (not 59th & Lex unless you just want to walk all the way from there to work) for the (6) to 68th & Lex.

    Under normal circumstances the (5) does not start running from Nost/FB until 6:06am. I am not sure what they are doing now,

    If you choose to take the B44 to Nost/FB, just take the first train that leaves and follow either of the last two of the aforementioned itineraries (not the first one with the (F))

  20. We just updated this post to reflect that, yes, finally, the Q train is not only up and running, but also crossing the bridge into Manhattan – and even all the way to Queens! Unfortunately, it’s southern terminus is still Kings Highway. We’ll update again if there are any more changes.

  21. Or the (5); both the (2) and (5) run from Nost/Flatbush beginning at 6:06am under normal circumstances

  22. Also the track geometry does not allow them to have the (Q) drop passengers off at Metrotech (northbound) if they are turning the (Q) trains there I think

  23. Yes, I should have remembered that one too. >_<

    That is the best option since you would be using just one train

  24. Yes, the map indicates that the only closed stop on the Broadway and 6th Ave lines is 57th St-7th and 57th-6th, respectively

  25. Unless some crazy thing is happening with the (F) that I do not know about; if I were in your situation I would walk to the (F) unless it is dangerous or unsafe, which does not seem to be the case. I do not go near the (F) much, but still I see no clear and present danger. If you do, just follow an itinerary with which you feel safer

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