Southern Brooklyn

Puzzle: Manhattan Beach Mystery Tree


I give up. What kind of tree is this? Dogwood? Some kind of non-cherry blossom? Give an arbor-challenged person a clue.

Photo by Allan Rosen

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  1. I believe it is an Apple Blossom that usually blooms around May 1st. It was about three weeks early this year.

  2. Ornamental pear has this shape, color, size etc bloom and is an inexpensive tree for the city to install.  Isn’t there a way of checking with the city what it is?

  3. There are people working for Parks that generally know about recent plantings. But they also are pretty good at identifying tree species. But the people from the million tree project probably know even better.

    Sadly, I have great difficulty identifying tree species. But I do know that you are right, this does have the characteristics of an ornamental pear. And ornamental pears bloom early.

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