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Puppy And Drivers Survive Major Car Accident On Shore Parkway

FDNY responders work to free the driver from the cabin.
Lucky to be alive.

Two men and a little dog are lucky to have survived a major collision yesterday afternoon that left one of the vehicles flipped in the road and the driver trapped inside.

The accident happened just minutes after 3:30 p.m., when, according to witnesses, a yellow car ran a red light while heading north on Ocean Avenue at Shore Parkway. A van barreling west on Shore Parkway couldn’t stop in time, collided with the front of the yellow car, then flipped over on its side with a thunderous crash.

As the van came to a rest, a terrified and stunned puppy stumbled out of the back door of the van. It began to take off but, after a moment’s hesitation, was scooped up by a bystander. The dog escaped the accident unscathed.

Meanwhile, the driver of the yellow car ran from his vehicle to assist the driver of the van. Neither had passengers, but the van’s driver was stuck in the vehicle’s cabin. He tried to escape through the passenger side window until a volunteer EMT who had been up Ocean Avenue came running and told him to stay still.

It was barely minutes after the accident that FDNY turned up. They freed the van driver and examined both men involved in the accident, put them in neck braces and brought them to the hospital for minor injuries.

The heroic bystander who saved the puppy stayed at the scene until the van driver’s wife came to retrieve Fido.

The road was cleared by 4:30 p.m.

The good Samaritan who rescued the dog from running into traffic.
The driver of the yellow car (black shirt, blue jeans) ran over to the van to help its driver.

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  1.  I seriously hope that fuckhole in the yellow (what looks sorta like a Mitsubishi Lancer) learns something from shit like this. Because of him Rushing he almost caused someone their life.

    i hope the people in the van are alright! sue that little prick!

  2. Great pics of the scene, I love the one with the good samaritan. 
    Glad everyone is alive. Speedy recovery.

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