Proposed Cropsey Avenue Traffic Calming

Department of Transportation made the following suggestions for traffic calming on Cropsey Avenue at the CB 11 Transportation Committee meeting on Wednesday, April 26:

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Where: Cropsey Avenue from Bay Parkway to 26th Avenue.


  • DOT will install two pedestrian refuge islands:

  • ten expanded median tips,
  • a bus-boarding island between 24th Avenue and Bay 37th Street,

  • painted pedestrian space on Harway Avenue between Bay 37th Street, and Bay 38th Street,
  • wide parking lane stripes, and channelization along the existing median.

Why: To shorten crossing distance on Cropsey Ave, better organize traffic, discourage speeding, improve bus operations, and improve safety for all road users.


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  1. When is proposed start date and completion date. How does this work mix with the increased number of garbage trucks scheduled 24 hours a day once the Marine Transfer Station is up and receiving garbage trucks six days a week.

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